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WoT EU Account 1599

-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1599
WoT EU Account 1599
  • - Premium Tank - Churchill III
  • - Premium Tank - Skorpion G
  • - Server Europe
  • - In Garage(Tier V+) 12
  • - Premiums 2
  • - Tier X 0
  • - Tier IX 2
  • - Tier VIII 5
  • - Tier VII 0
  • - Battles 11494
  • - Credits 6350101
  • - Gold 1000
  • - Free experience 94977
  • - Winrate 47,28%
104 $ 73 $


Nice choice to *spread your wings*. WoT EU Account 1599 takes You to the *next level* of WoT experience. 12 Tanks in Garage gives You a unique apportunity to feel or the joy an fun of this game. Well, 11494 Battles is really *a lot* of time spent in the game, at least 344820 seconds saved instead of waiting of battle to start! It already has 1 Tier X vehicles, so You can try *highest* game experience right now. You've almost reached maximum game level, upgrade 2 Tier IX vehicles and their branches would be fully researched! Mid game tiers are known for the most *comfortable* gameplay. Well, This account provides You with 5 Tier VIII vehicles to try it out! Few more steps and 11 Tier VII vehicles will let You to get highest tier tanks, come on, finish this job! Everybody is short on credits in this game. This account offers 2 Premium vehicles. This kind of tanks multiply silver gained by 150%!
Where can I get my account information after payment?
Once we receive your payment, we will send account login and password to your payment inbox. Do not forget to check it!

How long does the delivery take after payment?
Once the transaction is confirmed, you will get a letter from Gamestore with the account information within 5 minutes.

What information will I get in the letter?

The letter will contain login, password to your account and full access to the linked email.

I made a payment but the letter did not come. What should I do?
1. Check the spam folder in your inbox.
2. Check your payment inbox, maybe the letter was sent to another email!
3. If the letter did not come within 15 minutes, contact Gamestore support and we will help you!
Choose an account you want to buy.
Add it to your cart
Go to your cart
Check the selected account and its price once again.
Enter a coupon code to get a lower account price!
Go to the payment method selection page.

Make a successful payment.
Go to your payment inbox.
Open a letter from
Save access to the account and enjoy the game on the new account!

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Is it safe to purchase accounts on your website?

Yes, we sell very old accounts which are not linked to an email. So, the account won’t be banned and will stay yours forever.

Do you sell botted or hand leveled accounts?

We sell hand leveled accounts only. They are safe and a buyer will not have problems with the account due to the use of game bots.
Can I link a mobile number to the purchased account?

Yes, we sell accounts not linked to a mobile number.

Can I change email and password to the purchased account?
Of course. First, you must link your email (we provide full access to email in the letter). Then change your password.

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great service account was exactly like the pics, very pleased.
not a great service but kinda decent
fast good service
works fine no problems yet
best website to buy accounts in games store history

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