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WoT EU Account 1009

WoT EU Account 1009
WoT EU Account 1009
  • - Server Europe
  • - In Garage(Tier V+) 21
  • - Premiums 1
  • - Tier X 1
  • - Tier IX 1
  • - Tier VIII 3
  • - Tier VII 7
  • - Battles 8842
  • - Credits 1363193
  • - Gold 1135
  • - Free experience 11171
  • - Winrate 51,36%
  • - Premium Tank JgTig.8,8 cm


Do You like to get everything and at once? This is possible with WoT EU Account 1009. Almost the highest amount of Tanks in Garage - 21 , brings You to the heat of battle! After 8842 Battles played, decent amount of your time is saved. Reserching few branches in already started! It already has 1 Tier X vehicles, so You can try *highest* game experience right now. You've almost reached maximum game level, upgrade 1 Tier IX vehicles and their branches would be fully researched! Mid game tiers are known for the most *comfortable* gameplay. Well, This account provides You with 3 Tier VIII vehicles to try it out! Few more steps and 7 Tier VII vehicles will let You to get highest tier tanks, come on, finish this job! Everybody is short on credits in this game. This account offers 1 Premium vehicles. This kind of tanks multiply silver gained by 150%!
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Our Testimonials
Very proud of buying an account from this amazing company. 100% Trusted.
pretty good and pretty fast, dunno if it'll get banned tho...
Everything went perfectly and I am now playing with my account without any issues. Very pleasant experience.
Very good service, I had a problem with an account I bought and they replaced it the very next day for another one. will buy again and recommend to friends.
Really quick services, 30 seconds and I received my purchase and it works fine (so far...).
Very good service, everything as promised
Instant service very nice.

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