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Type 59

World of Tanks Type 59 tank image in game launcher

Purchasing of the WOT premium account with Type 59

New gamers who find themselves in WOT from the start want to be motivated. To get a great tank in this game will help a newcomer to feel the entire game atmosphere. One of the best vehicles is considered to be type 59.

It won’t be a challenge for you to visit the online store and buy an account with this rare WOT vehicle. Experienced gamers advise to buy type 59, because battles with it are more interesting. A gamer doesn’t need to play a lot for upgrading his account, there are no fails, disappointments and stressful situation. Type 59 tank is an awesome bonus to the account.

If your friends still didn’t hear about the opportunity to buy an upgraded account at, hurry up to report them about it. This way your friends and you will be able to have brilliant battles, which for sure bring the satisfaction from the game. The Chinese vehicle is able to help you securing a victory. You can be lucky and get World of Tanks type 59 sale, or discount and become an owner of such a type of vehicle for a less price.

So, don’t waste your time on boring games, and do your best to come your dream true, and exactly having a great battle, and becoming an absolute champion of WOT. To start acting, you just need to buy a premium account. Discounts
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WoT EU Account 1215
  • - Premium Tank - Type 59
  • - Europe Server
  • - 19 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 3 Tier IX
  • - 3 Tier VIII
  • - 4 Tier VII
92 $ 64 $
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WoT EU Account 1254
  • - Premium Tank - Type 59
  • - Europe Server
  • - 14 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 2 Tier X
  • - 2 Tier IX
  • - 4 Tier VIII
  • - 2 Tier VII
149 $ 104 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1258
  • - Premium Tank - Type 59
  • - Europe Server
  • - 10 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
  • - 3 Tier VIII
  • - 4 Tier VII
70 $ 49 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1262
  • - Premium Tank - FV4202
  • - Premium Tank - T-54 mod. 1
  • - Premium Tank - T26E4
  • - Premium Tank - Type 59
  • - Europe Server
  • - 7 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 4 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
99 $ 69 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1308
  • - Premium Tank - Type 59
  • - Europe Server
  • - 12 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 1 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
  • - 1 Tier VIII
  • - 3 Tier VII
77 $ 54 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1320
  • - Premium Tank - Chi-Nu Kai
  • - Premium Tank - T34
  • - Premium Tank - Type 59
  • - Europe Server
  • - 10 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 3 Premiums
  • - 3 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
185 $ 130 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1328
  • - Premium Tank - Dicker Max
  • - Premium Tank - Löwe
  • - Premium Tank - Pz. T 25
  • - Premium Tank - Type 59
  • - Europe Server
  • - 33 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 4 Premiums
  • - 1 Tier X
140 $ 98 $
-29% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1430
  • - Europe Server
  • - 4 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
  • - 0 Tier VIII
  • - 0 Tier VII
  • - 674 Battles
75 $ 53 $
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WoT EU Account 1524
  • - Europe Server
  • - 14 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 2 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
  • - 2 Tier VIII
  • - 5 Tier VII
  • - 5091 Battles
70 $ 49 $

What is World of Tanks

Wot Type 59 photo in battle

If you are an experienced gamer, of course you don’t need the information about the concept of WOT. But if you are in search of online games, and you are hesitating about choosing WOT or not, this information will be useful for you.

Currently, there are many online games, they are all different, and each of you may choose whatever you want. If we talk exactly about World of Tanks, it’s multi users online game, which allows you to become a part of the World War. You will be not a lonely soldier, you have your own vehicle, one of them is a legendary tank type 59 and you take part in different battles.

You can play this game for free, but you may face with some difficulties, because your account will be poor, you fail all the time, and your interest dies. The game won’t fascinate you anymore. To avoid such a situation, it’s possible to buy an upgraded account with a good tank.

If you decided to invest your money to the levelled account, you will get from the first second just unreal emotions. Don’t forget, your team consists of 15 random gamers, and their lives will partly depend on your game.

There is a global map of the world, including Europe, some parts of Asia, Northern Africa, Northern America and the whole territory of Russia. There are clans in the game, and they fight for these territories. It’s obviously, a clan which had the majority of the territory, gets more scores.

One of the reasons why this game got so much attention and positive feedback is too true look of the tanks and possibility to buy an upgraded account. The developers paid so much time to work on each detail that a gamer even can truly believe he got to the past and he has to fight. Type 59 tank impresses the gamers and they are happy to play with it. The vehicles not just look like real ones, but they have the same characteristics.

What features does Type 59 WOT have?

When you decided to buy a ready account, first you should be acquainted with features of your tank.

Type 59 WOT is Chinese tank, but firstly it was a copy of soviet vehicle T-54A. It was updating all the long period. Its crew is a captain, an aimer, a tank driver, a tank loader. It became popular among the gamers because of its armor, it’s powerful, it’s even too powerful.


  • Damage - 250/250/330 HP
  • Ammunition Load - 50
  • Armor Penetration - 181/241/50 mm
  • Fire Rate - 6.9 per minute
  • Damage per Minute - 1725 HP per minute
  • Aiming Time - 2.3 s
  • Dispersion AT 100 M - 0.39 m


  • Hit Points - 1300
  • Hull Armor - 100/80/45 mm


  • Load Limit - 36/38.9 t
  • Engine Power - 520 HP
  • Specific Power - 14.44 HP
  • Top Speed 56/20 km/hour
  • Gun Traverse Speed- 46 degrees


  • View Range - 380
  • Signal Range - 600

Advantages of this Chinese Tank Type 59

To understand how WOT type 59 is great, it’s enough to pay attention at its advantages.

  • As it was said before, type 59 has a really powerful armor.
  • The speed of the tank is high. It means, you have no need to worry before attacking your enemies. The armor will avoid serious damages, and speed allows to escape before it becomes too late.
  • One more advantage is an excellent camouflage. Playing with WOT type 59, you hide without taking an effort.
  • Great equipment.

Weak points of the Tank

It’s obviously, that everyone and everything should have some defects or weak points. When we talk about WOT, we see really good tanks with brilliant features, but all of them have their weak points. And to buy the premium WOT account is not a warranty that you win all the games. WOT type 59 also has them, so let’s have a look at them:

  • Attackable fuel reservoir. While playing with such a type of tank, the gamer should be aware of it, and be ready to face with some problems during the battles.
  • Attackable stowage area. If your WOT type has such a weak point, you should understand that you have no opportunity to make a sudden attack. To avoid a trouble, you need to prepare weapons beforehand.
  • Not so huge battle reserve.

To sum up the characteristics, it’s clear that World of Tanks type 59 has impressive armor and speed. Also the tank hides with minimal risk to be found. Knowing all its advantages and taking into account the weak point, a gamer, even newcomer can win at the first his battle. And even if you didn’t get the victory, you will have unforgettable feelings.

Additional information about Type 59

If you decided to buy a levelled account and exactly this tank, that’s normal to be curious concerning some useful information of the tank. Overlook is 260 meters, which is not bad. It’s not too heavy, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so fast. You are able to make 6 shots per minute. The speed of a reloading is 10 seconds. Sometimes it’s not enough, but in most cases, if you have an exact strategy, and you know what to do, such amount of shoot is good.

Type 59 tank WOT has 34 shells, turn speed is 42 degrees per second. If you have just started playing WOT, all the information can be not so useful for you. But, after having a couple of battles, you will understand how to use all this tank’s characteristics to succeed in a battle. In addition you are going to understand why to buy the premium WOT account is needed.

How to get Type 59

WOT Type 59 tank infographics and characteristic

To get this type will be as easy as falling off a log. WOT type tank 59 was added for sale together with a levelled account. You need to go to,and buy an account with type 59.

Knowing the characteristics of your type and being aware how to buy the premium account, you can start enjoying this worldwide game, and become a real champion.

When you become more skilled, you may try playing with other types. There is a huge selection of vehicles of different nations, you can try to play with some types of Soviet tanks, American, French.

For sure you have read and heard from your great-grandfathers about those tanks, and right now you can really understand what they meant. World of Tanks is a great option how to spend your time with an interest. Don’t forget to call your friends to fight in a battle. To get the better result with type 59, don’t hesitate to buy the premium WOT account. Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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