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T49 tank

World of Tanks T49 tank image in game launcher

Win every battle in World of Tanks with a premium T49 Tank

Are you looking for a reliable tank type in a popular freemium game World of Tanks (WoT)? Then consider picking up top rated American “creeper” T49 tank that can surprise with multiple strong points.

Though, like any other heavy machine type in WoT game T49 has a number of weak points that have to be taken into account on a battlefield. Proper tactics and a premium account type are must-have things for any serious and passionate WoT gamer. Discounts
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WoT EU Account 1052
  • - Premium Tank - Pz. T 25
  • - Europe Server
  • - 6 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 1 Tier X
  • - 2 Tier IX
  • - 0 Tier VIII
  • - 1 Tier VII
72 $ 50 $
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WoT EU Account 1259
  • - Premium Tank - Škoda T 40
  • - Europe Server
  • - 14 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 1 Tier X
  • - 4 Tier IX
  • - 5 Tier VIII
  • - 1 Tier VII
104 $ 73 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1557
  • - Premium Tank - Chi-Nu Kai
  • - Premium Tank - Pz. IV S.
  • - Premium Tank - Skorpion G
  • - Europe Server
  • - 16 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 3 Premiums
  • - 2 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
335 $ 235 $
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WoT EU Account 1648
  • - Premium Tank - StuG IV
  • - Premium Tank - T-34-85M
  • - Europe Server
  • - 19 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 2 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
  • - 4 Tier VIII
47 $ 33 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1833
  • - Premium Tank - Skorpion G
  • - Europe Server
  • - 7 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 3 Tier IX
  • - 1 Tier VIII
  • - 0 Tier VII
54 $ 38 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 744
  • - Premium Tank - E 25
  • - Premium Tank - StuG IV
  • - Europe Server
  • - 16 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 2 Premiums
  • - 3 Tier X
  • - 4 Tier IX
  • - 3 Tier VIII
195 $ 137 $
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WoT EU Account 798
  • - Premium Tank - Dicker Max
  • - Premium Tank - M 41 90 GF
  • - Premium Tank - Panther 8,8
  • - Premium Tank - Pz. III K
  • - Premium Tank - Pz. T 25
  • - Premium Tank - Steyr WT
  • - Premium Tank - StuG IV
  • - Premium Tank - T-54 mod. 1
174 $ 122 $
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WoT EU Account 817
  • - Premium Tank - Churchill III
  • - Premium Tank - StuG IV
  • - Premium Tank - T-34-3
  • - Europe Server
  • - 17 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 3 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 5 Tier IX
104 $ 73 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 905
  • - Europe Server
  • - 24 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 0 Premiums
  • - 2 Tier X
  • - 7 Tier IX
  • - 6 Tier VIII
  • - 2 Tier VII
  • - 25273 Battles
230 $ 161 $

What are functions of WoT premium account with a T49 tank?

Wot T49 photo in battle

Unless you got used to be beaten like a baby in game World of Tanks it is preferable to buy a premium account type. It’s a really necessary thing.

Users with premium accounts in such game can keep their personal records, scores, personal info, earned and unlocked achievements and other required statistical data that can be extremely useful for those gamers who play heavy American T49 in World of Tanks. Also, only after buying a premium account type in WoT you’ll be able to get more bonuses in game.

Role-playing system in the game WoT is based on grinding the experience points and getting as many virtual coins as possible. With a game currency you may buy everything awesome from WoT store – new tank types, equipment, modules, updates and weapons.

Get a lot of silver and gold in WoT game

If you have a goal to create a T49 type of your dreams, you may need to earn a lot of Silver coins. Your game account will be replenished with multiple Silver coins after each victory. With these coins gamers buy different stuff in WoT. However, there is an additional currency in such game – Gold. It’s possible to earn gold only when taking part in the special events, clan wars and other rare modes. Each golden coin is worth hundreds of silver coins.

Players who chose the WoT T49 tank type in WoT game also must work hard to gain experience points. Like in other MMO games, every experience point can be an important advantage over competitors on a battlefield.

Game developers make sure World of Tanks is pretty balanced and understandable. But at some points it is getting really hard to move on a career ladder and receive a lot of new updates. That is when premium account types become obligatory.

What gamers should know about the T49 tank type in WoT?

T49 is an American vehicle type of the 8th tier in WoT game. Price is 2 380 000 Silver. It has similar features with a famous M41 “Bulldog” type, for instance, a gamer may install 2 variations of heavy guns:

A 90-mm gun is very specific, with bombs capable of penetrating a thick armor of 102 mm. But such gun turns out to be quite ineffective when you must shoot a vehicle type with additional external modules; A 152-mm gun. That’s the main reason why most gamers prefer to buy a T49 tank. It has not the best convergence rate as well as accuracy. But all of this should be forgiven due to awesome combo of powerful 152-mm bombs and great mobility on a field. You may practically destroy any light vehicle type in WoT game thanks to such gun leveled up to maximum on T49;

Parameters of T49 tank type in the game World of Tanks:

  • Weight is 48 tons;
  • Hull armor is 25.4 / 25.4 / 19.1 mm;
  • Turret’s armor is 25.4 / 25.4 / 25.4 mm;
  • Maximum speed is 72.4 km/h;
  • Armor penetration is 102 / 250 / 45;
  • Damage is 320 / 240 / 320 HP;
  • Firing rate is 9.52;
  • Accuracy is 0.4;
  • Time required for aiming is 2.3 seconds;
  • Angle view is 390;
  • Radio is 410 m;

The best tactics with World of Tanks T49 type

To understand how to play a light T59 type in WoT, you should win at least a couple of dozen fights. Do not be afraid to run away from melee fights, such vehicle type may be useful even in a close combat. If there is a choice, it’s better to force into battle against your opponent with a thin armor.

Pay attention to the direction of enemy’s movement to be able to stop and shoot from a distance, without getting extra damage. Once you master major guns of a T49 type, you’ll be impressed with the damage of 900 hit points. If you are not afraid of using a land mine, it’s possible to break heavy TTs with 100% damage - it's absolutely real.

What skills do crew members of T49 tank type need?

  • Commander must have the Sixty Sense, Signal Boosting, Camouflage, Brothers in Arms;
  • Gunner – Snap Shot, Camouflage, Brothers in Arms;
  • Driver – Smooth Ride, Off-road Driving, Brothers in Arms;
  • Loader is Intuition, Camouflage, Brothers in Arms;

General recommendation for all gamers of T40 tank type is a maximum use of its crew. Especially when it comes to upgrades of stabilization of guns during movements.

Strong points of T49:

  • High speed at maximum;
  • High maneuverability;
  • Cumulative shells of the default gun are more effective than bombs;
  • Average damage of a 152-mm gun is very huge;
  • High stabilization rate of a 90-mm gun;

Weak points of T49:

  • Very bad armor protection;
  • Premium bombs cost a lot, making T49 tank type more vulnerable;
  • Big size for a light vehicle;
  • Low accuracy rate, convergence and stabilization of a 152-mm gun;
  • Recharge time is too long;

Buy premium accounts with T49 tank type at the best conditions!

WOT T49 tank infographics and characteristic

As you probably know, a premium game account type may bring a lot of great features:

  • Totally new, clean and expanded garage with an upgraded system where you may keep all your vehicles and updates for them;
  • Every battle’s victory will bring you more experience points and Silver – by 50%, to be precise;
  • Also you would be able to join any VIP clan or create your own squad to beat other clans;

WoT gamers may buy premium account types only for real money. That’s why it’s essential to find the best offer online when it comes to buying a WoT premium. is the place many experienced and new WoT gamers choose to buy accounts and other stuff for their favorite games at the best prices.

You won’t be able to skip a premium if you are planning to unlock all upgrades and vehicles, so make sure to pick up the best price offer of a premium account with a T49 tank type from Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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