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Win those WoT battles with t29 Tank

Tanks of WoT have captured the hearts of thousands of players around the world for long. Simple interface, interesting stories based on true historical events, variety of combat equipment and locations make the game favorite among congeners.

This is the game that gives players the sense of progress by awarding them for every battle. However, it still takes a lot of time and efforts to pimp your account to enjoy the game to the fullest. Buying a premium account will give you multiple opportunities and increase your rating. has accounts for sale and premium accounts with an impressive collection of rare tanks. Missed your chance to purchase a cool tank? No problem! You can find anything you wish in our store.

Rating is very important in the World of Tanks. The better it is the more advantages you get.

Let’s say you are an old hand in the game who has participated in several thousand battles. But your statistics did not change much since you first started to play. Why? Because you didn’t know anything about tactics, mechanics, strengths and weaknesses of tanks. However, rating won’t increase as fast as your experience!

The game becomes much more comfortable with improved rating because you get access to TOP troops, prestigious clans, obtain more gold, pimp your tanks faster, you are even treated more respectfully in the official forum, etc. This is why buying a premium account is more advantageous than pimping the old one. Discounts
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  • - 1 Tier VII
  • - 3523 Battles
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A short history of T29

Wot T29 photo in battle

The history of the tank began in 1944, when after landing in Normandy Americans realized their need in heavy tanks. They needed machines to destroy tanks, especially the Tigers. Therefore, America began developing large-tonnage monsters. They started with transformation of medium tank M26 "Pershing" into a heavy one.

The assignment was to develop four experimental machines. However, all these experiments were delayed and the first prototypes were finished only by 1947, when they were no longer needed. Thus, the production of t29 was ceased. Nowadays, there are only 8 tanks of this type left.

World of Tanks T29

Big-eared is what players call t29 because of its exterior – its top turret looks like big ears. Despite the funny nickname, this machine is one of the most dangerous on the seventh level.

The heavy American T 29 is one of the most comfortable and enjoyable to play tanks: it does not require any super-knowledge of game mechanics and special approach. In addition, the machine stands out at the 7th level with its powerful weapon system.

Technical characteristics are tank’s obvious advantage. This is the machine that will serve to win many battles with minimal losses.

How good is WoT t29

General characteristics of heavy tank t29

  • Type of tank: Heavy
  • Armament: 105mm cannon T5E1: penetration 198mm; damage 320
  • Armor: Hull: 102mm/76mm/51mm, turret: 279mm/127mm/102mm
  • Durability: 1250 HP
  • Mobility: Maximum speed: 35km/h, engine: 800KM
  • Role in the battlefield: Sniper, Medium range combat

Fire power

  • Damage: 115/115/185 units
  • Piercing Performance: 128/177/38 mm
  • Fire Speed: 16,67 shots/min
  • Damage per Minute: 1 916 (units/min)
  • Aiming Time: 2,30 sec
  • Dispersion at 100 m: 0,40 m
  • Battle Reserve: 126 units


  • Mass/Critical Mass: 63/63,50 t
  • Engine capacity: 720 horse power
  • Engine power-to-weight ratio: 11,43 horse power/t
  • Maximum Speed: 35 km/h
  • Steering Speed: 20 deg/s
  • Turret Slewing Rate: 26 deg/s


  • Endurance: 1 150 units
  • Hull Plating: 102/76/51 mm
  • Turret Plating: 279/127/102 mm


  • Visual Field: 350m
  • Communication Range: 395 m


  • Invisibility at stop: 0%
  • Invisibility in-motion: 0%

Tank Crew

  • Tank Commander
  • Sight Gunner
  • Machine Operator
  • Air Disturber
  • Loader
  • Loader


Equipment that improves the combat characteristics of the tank is best suited:

  • gun/shell rammer to increase the tank's DPM
  • vertical stabilizer for a stable shooting at enemies
  • improved ventilation for general increase in the characteristics of the machine.


  • Standard kit: small first-aid kit, small repair kit and portable fire extinguisher.

Ammunition Load

  • The recommended ammunition is 5/6 armor-piercing shells and 1/6 high-explosive fragmentation.

Things to consider when buying WoT Account

If you made up your mind to purchase t29 WoT account, here are the things to consider to not get screwed. Registration is completely free in the World of Tanks and it’s good, but the other side of the coin is that a large number of unskilled and even unfair players joined the game daily. Later these players sell accounts in WoT.

Not to waste your money for nothing always check the rating of the account. Such parameters as hitting accuracy, percentage of wins, survivability, etc. define a good player. It is also important to pay attention to the availability of premium tanks and gold.

It is best purchasing any type of account from the reliable source.

However, remember: even if you bought a super cool account with good statistics, your skills also matter because poor players never stay long in authoritative clans. If you only rely on your rating very soon you will have to start over.

How to get the desired tank

WOT T29 tank infographics and characteristic

Feel tired of distressing pimping of machines to the desired level? Want to pass to a certain level at once and play your favorite t29? What should you do? It's very simple: purchase a World of Tanks gaming account that has been pimped to the desired level! has a board selection of accounts with different sets of equipment, crews, amount of gold and silver in our online store.

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