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SU 101 WoT

World of Tanks SU-101 tank image in game launcher

Why Should You Choose a SU 101 WoT Tank?

Many fans of war tanks simulators choose World of Tanks because it is completely free. According to most reviews, the majority of paying clients are temporary premium users when they buy VIP accounts only to level up vehicles.

If you are seeking premium WoT accounts, need experience points and money, it is more preferable to buy monthly accounts instead of daily ones. Those players who buy premium WoT accounts with SU-101 only when they are available prefer to use elite features within a limited time period. Discounts
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WoT EU Account 1182
  • - Premium Tank - Dicker Max
  • - Europe Server
  • - 21 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
  • - 5 Tier VIII
  • - 7 Tier VII
55 $ 39 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1437
  • - Premium Tank - IS-6
  • - Premium Tank - Skorpion G
  • - Premium Tank - T34
  • - Europe Server
  • - 6 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 3 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
60 $ 42 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1603
  • - Premium Tank - StuG IV
  • - Premium Tank - SU-122-44
  • - Europe Server
  • - 25 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 2 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 3 Tier IX
  • - 7 Tier VIII
115 $ 81 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1746
  • - Premium Tank - Skorpion G
  • - Premium Tank - StuG IV
  • - Premium Tank - T25 Pilot 1
  • - Europe Server
  • - 15 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 3 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
50 $ 35 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1865
  • - Europe Server
  • - 4 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 0 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
  • - 2 Tier VIII
  • - 2 Tier VII
  • - 4435 Battles
27 $ 19 $
-29% NOW!
WoT EU Account 1887
  • - Premium Tank - Skorpion G
  • - Europe Server
  • - 20 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
  • - 4 Tier VIII
  • - 6 Tier VII
35 $ 25 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 249
  • - Premium Tank - 112
  • - Premium Tank - AMX CDC
  • - Premium Tank - Chi-Nu Kai
  • - Premium Tank - E 25
  • - Premium Tank - IS-6
  • - Premium Tank - SU-100Y
  • - Premium Tank - T34
  • - Europe Server
220 $ 154 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 599
  • - Premium Tank - StuG IV
  • - Europe Server
  • - 34 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 3 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
  • - 9 Tier VIII
  • - 9 Tier VII
218 $ 153 $
-30% NOW!
WoT EU Account 748
  • - Premium Tank - T-34-85M
  • - Europe Server
  • - 13 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 1 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
  • - 5 Tier VIII
  • - 4 Tier VII
139 $ 97 $

Why so many new WoT gamers choose premium accounts?

Wot SU-101 photo in battle

Usually, the latest category of WoT gamers have enough time to farm all days long – but it’s boring and not interesting. As a result, both types of WoT players save endless hours that are required to get desired levels of all vehicles.

Everyday hundreds of new players join WoT game that is why premium accounts are sold like hot pies. You may choose to buy one of such VIP accounts on the official store or the specialized website

Why do you need one of premium WoT accounts after all? Are they worth money? See, statistics of victories plays a key role in WoT game. The most precious accounts with SU 101 WoT are valuable because of the high win rate and coefficient of efficiency.

If you buy one of such premium accounts with SU-101, you’ll easily climb a career ladder. The key parameter is a 50% win rate.

Owner of such premium WoT accounts have multiple benefits:

  • Access to elite clans;
  • Invitation to the best troops;
  • Communication with professional commanders;
  • Ability to sell premium WoT accounts with a good price;

Interesting features of SU 101 WoT tank type

SU-101 is a Soviet tank in WoT game, 8 tier. SU-101 can’t be compared to most high-level Soviet heavy vehicles. Its equipment and tactics are a bit specific:

  • You can choose between 2 top guns 100 mm D-54C and 122 mm D-25S. A 100 mm gun exceeds all features, except a parameter of one-time damage, compensated by a high rate of damage per minute. Without any hesitation, WoT players should install a 100 mm D-54C gun. If you like tactics with ambush, SU-101 tank is what you need;
  • Updated engines, in comparison with a default one, will add to this machine about 120 horse-power hours;
  • Running gear will increase the SU-101 tank’s lift capability;

Upgrades of the crew for SU 101 WoT type

Recommendations of experienced players in WoT game – buy Camouflage skill to get the first slot. A whole crew of SU-101 must get Sixth Sense. Also, it’s advisable to learn an additional skill Brothers in Arms to get the second or third perks.

However, players of WoT game should level up not only commander and driver but also a loader. The best skills for a loader in SU 101 tank type are Safe Stowage and Adrenaline Rush. The latest perk is especially great for the durability by 10%.

How to get the SU 100 WoT tank type?

To gain access to SU-101 tank type, you need to earn exactly 91 000 experience when playing the default SU-100M1. The price of SU-101 is 2.560.000 silver. Crews of SU-101 and SU-100M1 are identical and can be transferred between 2 vehicles whenever you need.

How much in-game currency you must spend for SU-101 tank type:

  • Gold. It is possible to perform a crew’s transfer with in-game’s gold. Especially considering the fact that you do not need to hire extra crew members. Price of this service will be 200 * 4 = 800 gold;
  • Silver. It is a budget option. With a crew transfer, you’ll lose a small amount of experience points, but you have to sacrifice something. To achieve such transfer, users will have to pay 20.000 * 4 = 80000 silver;

The best recommendations for tactics with a SU 101 WoT tank

An initial tactical move with SU-101 in WoT game is to learn how to deal with hills and rough maps – there is almost no negative angle of vertical gun-laying in this tank type.

Battle machines SU-101 do not differ significantly from its predecessor. Its main 122 mm M62-C2 gun has a high penetration and good accuracy that is ideal to use a long-range ambush.

Price of shells is huge, although they do a low damage for each shot. Heavy armor of a frontal part allows you to withstand damage of shells from opponents with vehicles of the 7th and 8th ranks.

Excellent characteristics of running gear in SU-101 allow you to navigate any map quickly. A low safety profile makes it possible for your enemies to destroy SU-101 tank with 2 shots, so you should stick behind allies during horrible attacks.

Pluses of SU 101 WoT model type:

  • Precise gun with the awesome fire rate and convergence;
  • Great dynamics and speed;
  • The best armor;
  • Low profile;

Minuses of SU 101 WoT tank type:

  • Low one-time damage;
  • Low level of armor;
  • Bad movement on the battlefield;
  • Balanced weight;

Beat the negative karma with a premium SU 101 WoT account!

WOT SU-101 tank infographics and characteristic

If you have more than 1000 successful battles with SU-101, it's almost impossible to raise your win rate by 10-20%. Such category of players in WoT game needs a more profitable to buy a premium account with SU-101 vehicle type. Struggling to achieve a new level from scratch at some point of WoT game is almost impossible.

You don’t have to worry if statistics of your battle efficacy with SU-101 is very low, novices have to experience such situation more often than they want. But you may overcome this threshold of low win rate thanks to cheap accounts in the WoT game, with the great statistics and best tanks like SU-101.

Without a premium account in WoT game, you’ll be in the lowest rating. With a bought premium account you’ll get a stable farm level, increased ratio of experience points and in-game credits and an access to elite machines with awesome updates.

On such website you may buy any premium account with a SU 101 WoT tank type for a very low price. Do not look for any catch – get any tanks available for sale. Price of all accounts is affordable for all players. The SU 101 WoT type is one the hottest offers you can’t miss. Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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