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Object 140

World of Tanks object 140 tank image in game launcher – buy WOT gaming account with Object 140 Tier

Millions of players have already appreciated cool graphic, amazing visual and sound effects of World of Tanks game. However, what really makes the game outstanding – is astonishing collections of its military machines and guns.

Developers have put much professional effort in creating each tier model. Every WOT machine became an inspiring masterpiece for gamers and games' developers. Most tanks in WOT collections are copies of real-life military machines. Experts notice some minor differences, however, the similarity is still incredible.

Trying a new tier is like trying a new real-life machine. Speed, weight, damaging power, design and possibilities of view – all features are reflecting real-life prototype characteristics.

Object 140 is a nice tier to try. Have you ever dreamed about it? Today gives you an opportunity to buy Object 140 for a moderate price. Simply buy an account with Object 140 military machine and enjoy it without any waiting. Discounts
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WoT EU Account 1142
  • - Europe Server
  • - 8 In Garage(Tier V+)
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  • - 1 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
  • - 3 Tier VIII
  • - 2 Tier VII
  • - 9049 Battles
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  • - Europe Server
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  • - 1 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
  • - 2 Tier VIII
  • - 2 Tier VII
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  • - Premium Tank - HT No. VI
  • - Premium Tank - Pz. T 25
  • - Premium Tank - Rudy
  • - Premium Tank - T26E4
  • - Europe Server
  • - 34 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 5 Premiums
199 $ 139 $

How to buy an account from

Wot object 140 photo in battle

Buy an account with three simple steps:

  • Browse our site and choose, which military machine you'd like to try. There, on a page of a tier, you know some account details, price and conditions of making an order.
  • Make an order by clicking a "BUY" button and giving us your contact information for sending you account's details and contacting you in case of any issues arisen.
  • Buy an account using any comfortable mean of payment from those available on a site. Wait some minutes until all access details are delivered to you, so you login you new gamer's account and enjoy your wonderful military tank.

Benefits from dealing with

Legal conditions

  • We offer only legally created accounts – no cheating tools are used. Each account you buy is developed in traditional way and has no reason to be banned by WOT system.

Comfortable service

  • Being long time on market, we've developed comfortable service, which will not make you wait long time – you will get your new account right after you buy it.

Moderate pricing

  • We keep our prices affordable to let each player, which shares our gaming passion, experience better WOT game.

Object 140: what stands behind WOT tier

Object 140 is an experimental model from talented Soviet constructor – Leonid Kartsev. Kartsev and his team dedicated around five years for developing new, updated version of fighting machine until in 1958 Object 140 was presented to military court.

After a detailed study, was discovered: machine has too complicated structure – it was difficult to repair it or to replace details. Some tank's details were exclusive and couldn't be found broadly.

Damaging characteristics of Object 140 with its 6 light wheels, were impressive, however soon the constructor realized: machine is too difficult to serve in conditions of war or active military actions. He recalled the model.

Object 140 never participated in real-life war. However, it's incorrect to call the model “useless”. Object 140 has become an inspiration for new constructor's creature – Object 430. It became widely used and recognized in the world.

Object 140 Tank in WOT Game

Object 140 is a medium-sized machine used for close and middle-distanced fight. Tank is mobile and fast comparing to other models of the same weight. Machinery gun has great accuracy allowing reaching targets from different positions.

Lighter weight of a tank is result of its thin armour. It's easily penetrated by enemies shots. To avoid serious injury, it's better to use tier in protected areas with buildings, dead tanks or other objects used for hiding and protection.

Low profile of a machine makes it easier to hide or to camouflage it. Low profile makes Object 140 a difficult target as low tanks are harder to shoot.

The tier has weak points like poorly protected cupola. However, comparing to the same class models, Object 140 is considered to have excellent fighting characteristics.

Main characteristics


  • Damage - 320
  • Penetration - 264
  • Damage per minute - 3 033. 77
  • Reload time - 6.33


  • Max. speed - 55
  • Reverse speed - 20
  • Power - 580


  • Hull armor (mm) - 110/80/55
  • Turret armor (mm) - 240/187/65
  • Track armor (mm) - 20

Reasons to buy an account with WOT Object 140

0,35m Accuracy

  • Object 140 has excellent accuracy – one of the best among same-class models. It shots accurately both standing and moving. It makes tier a serious threat for enemy.

High Damage Per Minute Rate

  • Object 140 has fast reload. It increases damage per minute rate up to 2908.8.

Great Mobility

  • Tank develops speed up to 55 km/h. Moving maximally fast, Object 140 makes accurate shots.

Strong Turret

  • Tank turret is strongly protected. It has 240/187/65 mm comparing to 100/80/55 mm hull armour.

Wide Gun Depression Angle

  • Object 140 WOT has better angle of gun depression than same class T-62A tank (around 20% more). This result is nearly best among Soviet and Russian tiers.

Low profile

  • Middle-sized tank with low profile is not an easy target to shot. Combine it with high speed and good mobility and you'll never let your enemy make a successful shot.

Minuses of Object 140 tank

WOT object 140 tank infographics and characteristic

Weak Hull

  • Hull stays a weak point of the tank. Hull armour is 100/80/55 mm thick. It is easily penetrated by many guns.

Unprotected Right-Side Cupola

  • Right-side cupola becomes one of the weakest places in the tank after turret remodel. It is easily damaged and often becomes a reason of serious loses.

Often repairing

  • Tank has lots of small weak elements to be repaired after each second fight. Ammo rack is damaged almost every time you play.

Low General Damage

  • Gun's power is quite moderate. Level of general damage is 320/320/420 HP.

Low Gun Mobility

  • While Object 140 has one of the best shooting angle among other Russian tanks - it's still less than shown by some American, Japanese and German tiers.

Who buys Object 140 Account

Object 140 is definitely your tank if you like mobile fighting with lots of risks and actions. Being poorly protected from enemy's fire, tank shall be smartly moved and strategically placed. Not only your fast reaction but also critical thinking will help you to win the battle.

At the same time, winning is possible if you are not just hiding behind another block but also shot your enemies frequently: low level of general damage is compensated by fast attacks and mobile gun that shoots in movement.

Newbies rarely buy Object 140 as they may quickly lose poorly armored tank, however, having some skills you can turn your new Object 140 account into a great winning tool. Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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