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World of Tanks Maus

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World of Tanks is a cult game that has won millions of followers globally. The game is highly appreciated for its exciting strategy, realistic sound effects and great graphic. With WOT, gaming becomes more interesting and emotional than ever before.

What really adds some special pepper to WOT game is a collection of tiers – wonderfully created war machines. Tanks are incredibly realistic and not only by their design. While creating digital machines, developers counted weight, armour protection, speed and damaging power of real-life prototypes – each of these features is reflected in the game.

Some players love smaller and faster tanks, others – prefer playing by heavy tank models with great damaging guns. No matter, what is your fighting style, there are machines that stand out of the tier list. Incredibly huge and heavy German Maus is one of them.

Only a few players have experienced gaming with WOT Maus. However, we've found a way for you to be among that lucky gamers!

Would you like to buy a WOT account with heavy Maus tank? Then, all you have to do are three simple steps:

  • Step 1. Check our site's offers and choose a page with Maus machine. You can also choose any other tier from presented on a site or some of them at once. Read more about the machine, check its characteristics and ask our online-manager a question if you still hesitate. If you are sure about your choice – go to Step 2!
  • Step 2. Click an "Order" button to buy an account you choose. Fill some contact details in a short form – so we can get in touch with you in case of any problems arisen, identify your order or inform you over newest tiers in our site's collection.
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  • - 0 Tier IX
  • - 0 Tier VIII
  • - 1 Tier VII
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WOT Maus: the real-life prototype and its story

Wot maus photo in battle

Maus is one of the largest military tanks in the world. This monster was presented in 1943-1944, in late years of Second World War. The tank was a really scary weapon that could destroy any other military machine and could hit objects distanced on more than 3 500 meters.

First version of the tank had weight of 100 tons. However, after some upgrades tank's weight raised up to 200 tons. A huge machine had thick armour that made it almost unstoppable. Front hull armour was 220 mm thick, sides of the hull – 190 mm. The turret armor was around 240 mm thick. The mantle armour – 250 mm thick.

Massive military machine had also some serious minuses. Tank had a low speed – around 20 km/h. However, even being slow it needed lots of fuel to keep driving. In condition of aggressive fight fuel could finish too fast, putting machine and its crew into a great risk of being stacked on enemy territory.

Another issue – absence of a gun for close fight. While having a super power for long-distance shots, Maus appeared helpless when enemies come closer. This feature is especially critical when combined with slow speed of a machine: in case of army's stepback, crew would have to leave an expensive machine.

World of Tanks Maus: characteristics of game's tier

Huge German Maus is one of the biggest WOT giants that looks unwinnable. The WOT tank has great armour protection: hull armour – 200/185/160 mm, turret armour – 260/210/210 mm. While these features look impressive, it is still possible to win over Maus.

The tank has several weak points with less armour protection, they are: sides and rear of the machine, lower glacis plate in frontal part of a tank and cheeks of the turret. Even experienced gamers believe its difficult to win over Maus. However, a powerful gun with high accuracy will penetrate weakly armoured placed bringing great damage to a huge giant.

While being one of the heaviest tanks aimed mostly for distanced fighting, Maus also has great accuracy and can direct its fire to enemy's object.

Main features


  • Damage - 490
  • Penetration - 246
  • Damage per minute - 2 305. 26
  • Reload time - 12.75


  • Max. speed - 20
  • Reverse speed - 15
  • Power - 1 750


  • Hull armor (mm) - 200/185/160
  • Turret armor (mm) - 260/210/210
  • Track armor (mm) - 50

Reasons to buy Maus World of Tanks account

Great Maus design

  • Being incredibly huge WOT Maus is hypnotizingly attractive to gamers and same way scary to their opponents. Even if you have no experience in dealing with huge machines, you may buy an account to try this king-size tank in action.

Great Armour

  • Tank is greatly armoured all-around. Even having some weak points, this machine is never easy to be destroyed or even damaged.

Little Number of Dangerous Opponents

  • Maus is totally unavailable for small and middle-sized tanks and has very little opponents on a battlefield. This is the case when size matters and plays a great role.

Largest HP Pool

  • HP pool of a WOT tank is 3000. It's the highest number among all WOT tiers.

Huge Size

  • Except making the tank look spectacularly, huge size means getting little damage from enemies while being a deathly threat to your opponents.

High Damage Rate

  • General damage rate of a tank is 490/490/630 HP. Power is sacrificed for better gun's accuracy, however, it still remains great and ruining.

Good Mobility

  • Comparing to other heavy tanks, Maus has good mobility. The tank also able to shoot while moving, keeping its great accuracy.

Powerful Engine

  • Tank has the most powerful engine among WOT tiers. It can destroy objects and push other tanks.

Minuses of WOT Maus machine

WOT maus tank infographics and characteristic

Huge Silhouette

  • Tank is enormously big. It needs more time to turn or to change location, than smaller machines. Big size is also an obstacle for being unnoticed or hidden.

Low Speed

  • Maus is a perfect fighting machine, until you are not in a hurry. Otherwise, tank will go last after its smaller "colleagues".


  • Bad roads are never an obstacle for a huge giant that moves heavy objects and destroys blocks. However, tank is dangerously slugging on hills and upside roads. This makes the tank move even slower.

Who buys WOT Maus account

Players who love spectacular fighting buy Maus Account to enjoy its powerful view and special effects while playing. Any fan of big WOT machines dreams trying Maus.

Both newbies and skilled players buy Maus account. While beginners feel more protected and safe due to huge armour, experienced gamers buy WoT Maus account searching for new impressions and challenges. Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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