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Wot kv 5

World of Tanks KV-5 tank image in game launcher

Winning WOT battles with KV 5

Are you sure you are an experienced WOT gamer? How many types of tanks you had an opportunity to play with? What can you say about each of them? Which WOT level did you get during your battles? If all these questions made you sick, that means you still have no idea how to succeed in WOT.

There is no secret that each WOT gamer is able to buy an upgraded premium account. This time you have an opportunity to purchase it with KV 5 tank. Even if you are a newcomer in WOT, you must have heard about this soviet giant. It amuses with its power, sizes and abilities. If you thought your dream to play with this tank would never come true, it’s high time to start doing something to get it. Your next steps are quite easy. Go to and buy the premium WOT account.

Buying the upgraded WOT account with this tank you will return your self-esteem, and the real battles will start for you. WOT is such a game, where you don’t have time for losing, trainings. Your war starts when you start the game. If your account is premium, it’s easier to enjoy the game from the very beginning.

Don’t lose the only opportunity to play a real game and have fascinating and unforgettable battles. You won’t be able to stop discussing those battles where you were on the top. All you need is to buy the account. Discounts
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  • - Premium Tank - T-54 mod. 1
  • - Premium Tank - T26E4
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  • - 13 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 4 Premiums
  • - 1 Tier X
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  • - 2 Tier IX
  • - 1 Tier VIII
  • - 1 Tier VII
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WoT EU Account 1091
  • - Premium Tank - KV-5
  • - Europe Server
  • - 11 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 1 Premiums
  • - 4 Tier X
  • - 1 Tier IX
  • - 3 Tier VIII
  • - 0 Tier VII
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WoT EU Account 1179
  • - Premium Tank - Churchill III
  • - Premium Tank - KV-5
  • - Premium Tank - Matilda BP
  • - Premium Tank - SU-85I
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  • - 4 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
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WoT EU Account 1228
  • - Premium Tank - IS-6
  • - Premium Tank - KV-5
  • - Premium Tank - Löwe
  • - Premium Tank - SU-122-44
  • - Premium Tank - T34
  • - Europe Server
  • - 16 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 5 Premiums
180 $ 126 $
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WoT EU Account 1249
  • - Premium Tank - KV-5
  • - Premium Tank - Löwe
  • - Premium Tank - Skorpion G
  • - Premium Tank - T34
  • - Europe Server
  • - 10 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 4 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
65 $ 46 $
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WoT EU Account 1323
  • - Premium Tank - KV-5
  • - Premium Tank - Skorpion G
  • - Premium Tank - T14
  • - Europe Server
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  • - 3 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 0 Tier IX
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WoT EU Account 1523
  • - Premium Tank - 112
  • - Premium Tank - E 25
  • - Premium Tank - KV-5
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  • - 3 Premiums
  • - 8 Tier X
  • - 2 Tier IX
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WoT EU Account 1530
  • - Premium Tank - Fury
  • - Premium Tank - KV-5
  • - Europe Server
  • - 9 In Garage(Tier V+)
  • - 2 Premiums
  • - 0 Tier X
  • - 3 Tier IX
  • - 1 Tier VIII
110 $ 77 $

What everyone should know about KV5

Wot KV-5 photo in battle

The first thing, which attracts your attention at this type during the first battle, is a turnaround armor. It’s really impressive and much better than at other types of vehicles. If you face with opponents with lower level, you have nothing to worry about. The armor of the vehicle will bear any shots and attempts to damage you. Even tanks of the same level as you will have some difficulties in winning you. That’s why to buy WOT premium account is a great idea.

The speed of KV 5 tank is also a special feature. This heavy tank can increase its speed to 40 km per hour. The vehicle’s gun is able to damage the opponents and reach 300 points of damage. The main functionality of this type of WOT tanks is farming.

There is a detailed description of KV5’s features:


  • Ammunition Load - 60
  • Damage - 300/300/360 HP
  • Armor Penetration - 167/219/54 mm
  • Fire Rate - 7 per minute
  • Damage per Minute - 2100 HP per minute
  • Aiming Time - 2.86 s
  • Dispersion AT 100 M - 0.43 m


  • Hit Points - 1780
  • Hull Armor - 180/150/140mm


  • Load Limit - 100.18/105 t
  • Engine Power - 1200 HP
  • Specific Power - 11.98 HP
  • Top Speed 40/11 km/hour
  • Gun Traverse Speed- 18 degrees


  • View Range - 350m
  • Signal Range - 730 m

The weak points of KV5

It will be a huge mistake to think you are invulnerable. WOT game developers wouldn’t allow to create such types of tanks. For sure, this vehicle is powerful and legendary, but it has its weak points. Before buying WOT premium account, it’s recommended to find out more about this type and understand if you can play with it.

During your battle it’s necessary to remember about all the advantages of your type of vehicles and all the weak points.

There is a list of not the best sides of the KV-5 tank:

  • A weak armor penetration.
  • Not so good mobility. It’s explained by the size and weight of this tank. You should not forget that KV5 is a heavy tank, and its weight is 1 thousand kg.
  • A high visibility. Playing with this type, you will have no opportunity to hide from your opponents. You don’t need even to try hiding somewhere. There is a high risk to be found.
  • A bad overlook. You can’t notice your opponents at the big distance. Your aim is killing the enemies, which are close to your tank.
  • You will have some difficulties at passing through some fields. So you should choose the right road.

Advantages of KV 5 in World of Tanks

Of course it’s clear that KV 5 WOT is a great type with a huge amount of advantages, but let’s create a list of them:

  • Great turnaround armor.
  • High rate of fire, 7 shoots per minute.
  • Good speed as for heavy tanks.
  • Huge weight(more than one tone), which can be used in ramming.

The Crew of KV 5

To keep your tank in a good condition, it’s recommended not to postpone a regular repair. This way you can keep your vehicle in order after the battles. The crew consists of a captain, an aimer, a tank driver and a tank loader.

  • A captain. First needed skill is an attentiveness. This crewmember has an especial feeling of coming danger. He needs to be the first who will see the opponent, if he loses his attention, the crewmembers can be killed. As we already know World of Tanks KV 5 is a heavy vehicle, and it’s difficult to hide. That’s why a captain should study the road and decide when it’s needed to go slowly and when the tank should increase the speed.
  • An aimer. His responsibility is an accurate aiming. He should choose the exact time when it’s better to start fire.
  • A tank driver not just drives a tank, he should find an appropriate position when the attack should be started. He leads to the shooting and after it starts ramming.
  • One of the duties of the tank loader is preventing fire at the tank.

Equipment is a leading component that makes such a type of tanks so huge, powerful and scaring.

  • A rammer speeds up reloading.
  • Anti-spall liner reduces the damages.

The historical note about KV5 and the idea of the game

WOT KV-5 tank infographics and characteristic

WOT KV 5 is a Soviet project, which was created in a period of the World War. The tank had the maximum armor thickness.

Gamers can feel the atmosphere of the real war because of the excellent graphic and true details of vehicles, maps and the environment. New gamers start fighting from the first seconds of the game. They have to be able to communicate with their teammates and it’s necessary to understand their duties.

Tanks are the main feature of the game. Each of them has its special characteristics and functionalities. There are light, medium, heavy, tank destroyers, self-propelled guns. Each type is good at different roles. Light ones are fast, heavy vehicles have a great armor penetration. Some of them hide better than others.

It’s important to choose the vehicle with such characteristics which are interested for you as a gamer. The main goal of the game is to satisfy your inner needs. Maybe you don’t get enough emotions in your real life, or you are curious how was it to fight in a real war. The game perfectly shows the entire events that were happening more than 70 years ago.

If you have chosen KV5, it means, you are a strong player, and you prefer the tactics of a sudden attacking. You should be aware that you won’t be able to hide and you will have no chances to notice your opponent earlier than he will, so you should be ready to start fighting before your enemy notices you.

You can ram opponents; shoot without hesitations, without stops. Don’t forget, your tank is also fast, and it for sure helps you.

All the tanks in WOT belong to the different nations. The gamers can choose Soviet vehicles, American, Chinese, German, French, Polish, Italian and more. Each nation has their features. Some of them have better armor, and other ones are faster.

It’s up to you what nation and type to choose. WOT attracts its gamers with a possibility to combine different features of tanks and get a perfect vehicle for participating in the battles.

If you buy a premium account with tank, it helps you to understand the game. When you get used to all the game staff, you are be able to decide what other type could be suitable for you. A type kv-5 is a great option for a new gamer, because having such a type you have more odds to win, and if you get a victory you will be more motivated to play WOT more. Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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