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E50 ausf m

World of Tanks e 50 ausf m tank image in game launcher

E50 Ausf M – one of the most accurate tanks in World of Tanks

If you are playing WoT game for a long time, you know how long it takes to level your account and get E50 Ausf M. It can be even harder, if you want to try top vehicles of this game. You need to win hundreds of battles, to add the coolest machines to your account.

But what if you want to try a tank of tier X right now? Well, you buy ready game account, where you will find the best machines. And if you need a type E50 Ausf M – GameStore.Live offers it.

Newbies and experienced players are getting tired of endless levelling in any game. In comparison, purchasing of ready account is quite a good idea. On our website you choose WoT account with machines you would like to play on and buy it in several clicks. Even if it is a tank, which was presented during some special event, and it is impossible to get it now – you can buy it here.

If you are choosing type E-50 Ausf M in WoT, there are some things you should know about it for successful battles before you buy this account. Read our short guideline to know more about one of the coolest tanks in the game. Discounts
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What is E-50 Ausf M in WoT?

Wot e 50 ausf m photo in battle

It is a German medium tank of tier X. It is the modification of E 50. Although it is similar in appearance, it has significant advantages – increased maneuverability, excellent cannon and a rear location of transmission.

Historical prototype had to be the main tank of German army, replacing Panther and Panther II. Type E-50 Ausf M should have corrected deficiencies of E-50 and had better characteristics. Therefore it has got more powerful ammunition and engine. Transmission was moved back. You can have a historical version on your account.

How E-50 Ausf M shows itself on the battlefield: peculiarities of the tank in game

How can you get most of frags and victories in game and lead your account to the top? Study your vehicle to know its strong and weak points. Try to remember WoT maps you are playing on. Follow tactics and newer kill your teammates. And, of course, have as much practice, as possible, but don’t forget about fun! Buy accounts with tanks you love. And peculiarities of a tank you can study right now.

Medium tank type E50 Ausf M is opened after type E 50 in WoT. Price is 183 010 Experience points. Cool thing is that you don’t need to buy modifications in game – vehicle is purchased in top state.

How effective E50 Ausf M is in WoT combat?

In comparison with E50, tank is improved by all parameters. It has a new highly accurate gun with high shell flight speed. It is perfect for shooting at long and ultra-long distances. However, low firing rate is better for sniper tactic. You may have it on the account for fun and for serious battles.

The maneuverability of tank will let you defeat the slow heavy tanks easily. Frontal armor of type E50 Ausf M in WoT perfectly protects a machine from damage, dealt by standard shells of medium and heavy tanks tier X.

Tank in WoT has a perfect dynamics. In combination with an excellent armor it allows you to fight successfully in the city. But if you will come close to enemy middle tanks of tier IX and X, try not to let them to board you. Try to ram them and force a frontal clinch. Danger comes from low medium tanks, which come from the side, hide behind your own board and kill you without the significant loss of HP.

One more unique feature of type E-50 Ausf M is an alternative weapon – ram. Tank in WoT has a huge weight and a high maximal speed. Thanks to these features, German tank is able to deal heavy damage to the opponents and push them aside. You can have a lot of fun, pushing your opponents down from the cliffs or drowning them in the water in game. Buy account with it if you like non-standard tactics.

Pros and cons of E50 Ausf M in WoT

As every tank in game, this one has a range of advantages and disadvantages. Getting to know them, you receive an opportunity to work out the best tactics for each battlefield. You will know in which situations you can be victorious, and which tanks defeat you. An adequate evaluation of your own opportunities is one of the steps for bringing your account to the top in WoT.


  • One of the most accurate cannons in game with dispersion 0.30 m;
  • Good dynamic characteristics and high maximal speed – 60 km/h;
  • A huge mass – 62.31 t, together with high speed allow ramming even heavy tanks;
  • The highest rate of hit points among all medium tanks of tier X in WoT – 2,050 HP.


  • Huge size;
  • High sides with thin armor - 80/80 mm;
  • Long overlocking;
  • Low damage per minute in comparison with the game analogs - 2,437 (HP/min);
  • Low turret traverse speed - 30 deg/s;
  • Weak turret armor - 185/80/80 mm.

Tactics of the game on the E50 Ausf M in WoT

WOT e 50 ausf m tank infographics and characteristic

This tank is called the crown of engineering thought of German tank builders. A vehicle has a great potential in random battle in WoT. It is very universal and succeeds in any technique of battle you have chosen in game. It is cool to have it on the account, especially if you can buy it.

On the type E-50 Ausf M you stay on the second or third line together with the allied self-propelled tank destroyers and kill enemies. Your accurate cannon allows you playing this way not worse than the best self-propelled guns.

If you want to play aggressively, trying to break through the defense of your opponents, your mobility and thick armor help you in this tactic. A wide view range and angle of vertical aiming help you to become victorious in any tactic during the game.

Most of the experienced players think that German medium tank type E-50 Ausf M in WoT is showing itself better on the far distances. In addition to all mentioned, it is really difficult to break through the armor of this tank on the long range. It makes us feel more comfortable playing from the far. It gives you the tangible advantage over many opponents in game.

If you just have started playing World of Tanks, and if you already have played it for a long time – you still find something new and interesting, driving type E50 Ausf M. In your hands it is a very versatile machine, which will give you a lot of fun in the game. And if you don’t want to spend a life for getting the tank E50 Ausf M, just buy an account with it. Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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