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E 50 Tank

World of Tanks E 50 tank image in game launcher

Buy the Premium E50 Tank for WoT with Multiple Benefits

Should you buy World of Tanks premium account with an upgraded E50 tank? Some gamers honestly believe that WoT game gets money from users, others believe that they may play only with a premium account type. At affordable price you’ll be able to level up any armored machine in WoT game.

What are the perks of a WoT premium account?

Basically, all WoT gamers should buy such account due to 2 main features:

  • A clean garage is an VIP option;
  • Only premium users are able to gain gold by 50% as well as experience points per every battle;

Yes, many WoT gamers prefer not to buy such account and use them only in emergency cases when it is a necessity to upgrade as soon as possible. Regular players of the WoT game tend to choose the premium accounts for a few days, instead of buying them for longer periods. It seems like most gamers never pick up the user accounts available for a month or 6 months.

They are all available for sale, but not all types are always accessible. That’s why users may visit website of Majority of WoT players prefer to buy premiums accounts with such machine not only to upgrade vehicles. You see, it’s hard to “feed” the heaviest “creepers” when it comes to repair and shells.

Premium users have one precise advantage – they buy mentioned upgrades for WoT game credits or gold. For instance, you may earn price of 10 000 gold per each battle with a standard account, while premium players will earn no less than 15 000. The best thing is that the use of good premium tanks like E50 requires a lot of resources which are hard to farm or buy. Discounts
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What is the most profitable price plan in WoT game?

Wot E 50 photo in battle

Let’s do simple math. Daily price of a premium WoT account with an E50 tank is 250 gold. If you buy a premium account at a price of 3 days, you pay with a discount – 650 gold (you may save up to 100 gold).

When it comes for a weekly premium account, your price will be of 1250 gold (discount is 500 gold). Monthly premium WoT account has a price tag of 2500 gold. As you may see, a monthly price plan for a WoT premium account with E 50 tank turns out to be the most profitable purchase.

Most important facts about WoT E 50

E 50 is an average German vehicle of the 9th level, possessing an accurate and piercing major gun, but with very mediocre dynamics. Due to the combination of a large weight and high speed, the player of the E 50 WoT may safely ram its opponents.

At your disposal, there are 2 top guns of E50 tank – 10.5 cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf. B and 8.8 cm KwK 46 L/100. But the most common choice for new gamers of E50 type is a great 105 mm gun. Yes, such “creeper” has very good parameters of armor penetration and damage.

Your main task is to fire from the 2nd line, you may get an offensive or defensive position. But recollect the fact that a German model E-50 in WoT game has a large weight and becomes an easy target.

Technical characteristics:

  • Durability is 1750 HP;
  • Weight is 62.6 tons;
  • Power is 900 horse-power hours;
  • Speed is 60/20 km/h;
  • Hull frame is 150/80/80 mm;
  • Turret is 185/80/80 mm;
  • Average recharge time is 9.6 seconds;
  • Tank’s view is 400 m;

In 1944, Daimler-Benz and MAN received a task to develop a fast and maneuvering tank with such gun capable of penetrating thick armor. Such type called as E 50 WoT was supposed to replace the Panther machines. E50 weight and running gear allowed installing an excellent gun. But, E50 project remained on blueprints. And only WoT gamers received a chance to use such vehicle type on a game’s battlefield.

The best tactics for E 50 WoT type

Regardless of a player's choice, major task of the E 50 model type is to cause the damage while being in the 2nd line. Despite the perfect gun and acceptable armor, E50 type has great dimensions of TT machines that makes this vehicle a convenient target. You may fight equally good at middle and long distances.

The owner of E50 model type can become the winner in every duel with a TT9 vehicle. But you should remember only one rule – you must always try to keep the distance, do not replace sides and never let an enemy get to flank sides of E50 WoT machine.

Commander of E 50 WoT can apply tactics of detouring or breakthrough to its rearward side, but in these cases it’s smarter to calculate actions of opponents and exclude possibilities of intercepting a player's machine.

Crew of E 50 WoT type

In the most cases, disguise is completely useless for WoT E 50 type – take it only when you don’t have another choice. The main direction is to work as a sniper on a battlefield. Use such skills as Sixth Sense, Eagle Eye and Signal Boosting. Also don’t forget to upgrade perk Brothers in Arms in WoT game.

Pros of buying E 50 WoT type:

  • Precise weapon;
  • Possibility of ramming;
  • Good maximum speed;
  • Great view;
  • A lot of HP;

Cons of using WoT E 50 tank:

  • Long recharge time;
  • Weak armor;
  • Bad turnability;
  • High visibility;

Is an E 50 tank worth buying by premium WoT gamers?

WOT E 50 tank infographics and characteristic

Let’s sum up this review of WoT E 50 type that is currently available for sale. E50 machine with a top gun can shoot from the long distance. Due to the awesome frontal armor and pretty good rearward side, it is possible to scrape at any direction. The only vulnerable part in the turret is a commander’s tower.

Also, at any price, never forget that German vehicles are burning more than other machines. However, with the patch 0.8.7 such situation has changed drastically – opponents will make it hard to burn such vehicle in the bottom part of its armor. The heavy frame won’t make it the best vehicle type in the WoT game, but thanks to the battering ram this vehicle can become a deadly weapon in the skillful hands.

It’s up to you whether to buy or not WoT premium accounts at any price. But keep in mind that such accounts with an E50 tank are always affordable for sale at the lowest price on the website of Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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