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A-44 Tank

World of Tanks А-44 tank image in game launcher

A 44 – WoT and its most popular tanks

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game, focused on player vs player mode, where you can try tank A 44 WoT in action. If you like hot battles and a lot of interaction with other players – this type of game is for you. Create an account and start. Playing it you will have an opportunity to try vehicles of different types. Buy an account, where we have it.

Each type of vehicle has its own features, pros, and cons. A player can buy most of tanks for game currency, but some of models are special. You can donate to buy tanks or get them during special events. If you want to try unique tank – buy account, on which we already have it.

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If you feel like trying WoT game with Soviet tanks, pay attention to A-44 tank, which you will fall in love with. With this type of vehicle you will have many cool battles in the WoT. Discounts
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What you should know about A-44 before you start the game

Wot А-44 photo in battle

A-44 is a Soviet tank of VII tier, type – medium. It has powerful cannon, a high maximal speed and good dynamics. Real prototype was developed in the USSR in 1941 and was supposed to be released by the beginning of 1942, but with the outbreak of war, work was stopped.

Talking particularly about A-44 type in WoT game and its characteristics:


  • 110/110/156 HP – damage, that tank A-44 deals according to the type of shell;
  • 86/102/38 mm – armor penetration per hit;
  • 18.18 rounds per minute – rate of fire on this type;
  • 2000 HP per minute – damage speed;
  • 1.90 s – time of aiming;
  • 0.46 m – dispersion at 100 meters;
  • 160 pcs – ammo capacity.


  • 36.41/37 t – weight/load limit of the type A-44;
  • 500 hp – power of the engine;
  • 13.73 hp/t – specific power;
  • 59 km/h – highest speed;
  • 42 degree/sec – traverse speed;
  • 40 degree/sec – turret traverse speed.


  • 1000 HP – hit points of A-44;
  • 150/60/60 mm – hull armor;
  • 75/75/75 mm – turret armor.


  • 360 m – view range;
  • 325 m – signal range.
  • All these characteristics are specified for a tank, a crew of which is trained to 100%. You can also modify them by adding caterpillars, guns, turrets and other available modifications. Buy them to make your WoT account better.

Peculiarities of A-44 tank type, its pros, and cons and something more you should know

To feel all the pleasure from playing on this type of tank, you should know well, what kind of vehicle it is. Study how to modify it right, what to buy and which tactics you should follow, before you start playing this game – to make your account top.

Exploration and modifying of A 44 in WoT

Medium tank type A-44 is being opened on the tech tree after tank type A-43. Its price is 56 200 Experience points. After KV-13 its price is 53 300 Experience points. The most effective way to modify your vehicle is the following:

  • From previously studied machines you will have engine type B-5 and radio station type 9RM. Install it on the stock chassis and you will get extra 100 HP and +200 meters to the radius of communication in game.
  • After that, it is necessary to buy a 57 mm ZiS-4 type gun. It has maximal penetration with shells, bought for gold and angle of vertical aiming.
  • Explore chassis to get an opportunity to install top cannon 107 mm ZiS-6 type. It will also add the dynamics and rotation speed.
  • Explore top turret and you will additionally get +10 meters to view range, better protection and +100 HP.

Effectiveness of A-44 tank in battles

Top cannon of this type of vehicle in WoT has a high one-time damage. In penetration it is the best after Chinese T-34-1 and Panther. Rate of fire is quite small, but it is not critical. Much worse is accuracy and aiming – they are not effective at medium and far distances in WoT. Maximal deviation down is -5 degrees.

Tank A-44 has the best armor among the similar types, despite the fact, that it has 150 mm of armor only on the joint of upper and lower plates (75 mm thick each) and near the machine guns. “Ear” on turret has two thick belts, complicating shooting on it. The most vulnerable area is lower plate of armor. Frontal part of top turret is 90 mm thick, small, and round.

Speed of rotation and dynamics of A-44 type are excellent. You can quickly change shelter, return to the base to stop the capture and maneuver in close combat. However, the turret is located on the back of tank, what can cause frequent engine critical damage. You also will have to look out from behind the corner in reverse, which requires more space behind the shelter.

Pros and cons of tank A-44 in WoT

WOT А-44 tank infographics and characteristic

If you have this type of tank on your WoT account, study its advantages and disadvantages before you start the game.


  • This type of tank has excellent mobility and doesn’t lose its maximal speed 59 km/h over rough terrain.
  • Top cannon ZiS-6 type has high average damage rating and sufficient penetration – 300/300/360 HP and 167/219/54 mm.
  • Decent armor 150/60/60 mm allows you to beat a lot of shells and play from the side of a tank thanks to the location of the turret.
  • Weight 37.66 t allows you to ram enemies in the game and kill almost any light tank with one shot.


  • You need to get used to back location of turret on A-44, what can be difficult for inexperienced players.
  • A huge commander’s hatch on the turret, a weak “cardboard” turret – just 75/75/75 mm of armor.
  • Poor accuracy of top gun ZiS-6.
  • Not a very large amount of HP – maximum 1,100 HP.
  • Big dispersion when turning the turret.

To play this tank with pleasure, you should know all maps well, to pay attention to all peculiarities of the terrain. You also have a great gun ZiS-6 type, which allows having hot battles on middle distance. The most recommended tactic is “swing” – leave the shelter-shoot-hide.

Each vehicle in World of Tanks has its own character and peculiarities. You can find your favorite one only by trying them all. You can always buy WoT game account on GameStore.Live. Choose machine type you like and get it in a couple of minutes. We wish you a good game and a lot of fun on A 44, WoT is waiting for you. Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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