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Victorious Jarvan Skin Accounts

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Jarvan IV – a LoL Champion

Those, belonging to the huge world of the epic League of Legends, know their champion Jarvan. Many players would give a lot to be able to have him in their arsenal.

League of Legends is a real-time video game where teams fight against each other, develop new strategies and collect game values. It fascinates from the very first time you play it and you never want to quit.

All LOL fans are united by the goal to improve skills to perform better and win more. What do you do to be able to play Jarvan LoL? To become an experienced player and act correctly even in difficult situations, you need to train all the time. And it does not only mean participating in a large number of battles but also learn to operate abilities and skills of a champion, like Jarvan.

League of Legends has long been in the world's top 10 MMO games, and number of its fans is increasing daily. Each of us wants to stand out among other players and collect the army of champions like Warwick, Alistar or Jarvan IV skin.

What to do if you don’t have that much time to spend for online training? You can simply buy a leveled League of Legends Jarvan account at and begin from the level you want. This will be rather challenging, of course. But isn’t the idea of LOL about challenging yourself? Discounts

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Powers and abilities of Victorious Jarvan IV

league photo victorious jarvan

Did you just blend into such popular game, but already want to feel real power in your hands with a strong champ? Or maybe you are a professional layer and want to strengthen your army with a good warrior?

You made a right choice – LOL Jarvan will give your team a significant improvement and make your enemies tremble with fear.

Take a look at Jarvan’s characteristics:

  • Health - 571.2 (+90/level)
  • Health regeneration - 8 (+0.7/level)
  • Armor – 34 (+3.6/level)
  • Magic resist. - 32.1 (+1.25/level)
  • Attack damage – 64 (+3.4/level)
  • Attack speed - 0.658 (2.5/level)
  • Movement speed – 340

This champion is popular among a large number of players for its versatility. He is used in close combats. It is also worth noting his high speed which allows changing the location quickly and hide from members of enemy team.

Jarvan also has several unique skills that make him a good warrior, wanted by numerous gamers.

Martial Cadance. Thanks to this ability, he quickly deals with enemies in the line or attacks them. The most important thing to remember is that Jarvan is able to target the same object only once in few seconds, and his skill recharge is relatively small. When playing in the line, it is advisable to deal passive damage permanently.

Dragon Strike. An important feature of this ability is that, in addition to damage, it significantly reduces defense.

Golden Aegis. This ability helps well during gang, because at the time of the explosion the movement speed of the enemy slows down. In the early levels of the game, the shield helps to reduce the damage.

Demacian Standard. Jarvan can use its standard over long distances. This is especially useful when you make sharp attacks with E +Q combination. Also, the flag provides an increase in attack speed to all your allies nearby. The flag is a physical object and you can even teleport it with the Teleport spell.

Cataclysm. This is Jarvan’s ultra that is used in various situations, an attack on the enemy and possibility to put stone chains on them.

Champion’s advantages:

  • good mobility due to combination of Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike
  • very good ganger
  • excellent one-on-one fighter
  • good initiator of battle
  • good tank qualities

Champion’s disadvantages:

  • requires the correct use of skills and quick reaction
  • if you miss E + Q it may cost life not only Jarvan, but the whole team.

The main qualities of the champion – comparison of characteristics

picture of victorious jarvan from lol game

Every year the strategies of the teams in the League of Legends change. It is worth noting that most professional teams have been developing their unique tactics for playing in major tournaments and competitions. For example, each of all 5-7 team members always select one character to train with and study his strengths and weaknesses.

The main indicators of high quality of any champion are their unique skills. Jarvan IV has many skills that can be useful for both: as for beginner, so for professional player. For example, the combination of Demacian Standard and power-attacking skill Dragon Strike can easily defeat your opponent or even several members of the enemy team. Choose your strategy and use it in combat.

In addition, the developers created several Jarvan IV skins where he is featured in different images and with some additional abilities. These skins are: Original Jarvan IV, Commando Jarvan IV, Dragonslayer Jarvan IV, Darkforge Jarvan IV, Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV, Dark Star Jarvan IV.

Benefits of buying accounts online

Characters of the League of Legends are being upgraded from time to time. Some older versions are no longer available in the game. So if you want to play such character, the only way is to buy it from an online store.

You will benefit more if you have account of another level. You can switch between them, train skills at different levels.

If you lose your account, there is no need to level yourself from the beginning. We have plenty of leveled profiles of different ranks. Just chose one and go on playing.

LOL account is a good present for a friend who is crazy about this game. Want to give something special? Just buy a leveled account and surprise your friend.

Why choose us

When you just join the game you know almost nothing about it. You need time to learn the rules, tactics and strategies and choose your favorite characters.

But when you obtain some experience, you realize that you want to move further and improve yourself. It is not done that fast in LOL.

In this case, you should think about buying a hand-leveled account containing champions, rune pages, skins, points, etc. provides a huge selection of different products to all fans of the League of Legends. Our specialists always develop interesting and lucrative offers for our customers. The main advantage of buying LOL profiles from us is that we guarantee instant delivery and best price.

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