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urf the manatee ww account image in lol game launcher

Legendary Warwick of LOL

If you belong to fans of the League of Legends, you know the super champion Warwick LOL. He is famous for his abilities, personal characteristics and unique appearance.

In Zaun, he was known for finding subjects for violent experiments. But this was not enough. He decided to become even stronger and for this he drank the elixir that Singed prepared for him. But the elixir was not ready and it turned Warwick into a terrible monster, but an excellent hunter.

League of Legends Warwick is a merciless killer. He knows no fear and is ready for anything to achieve his goals.

Many players want to have this champion in their team, but it is not that easy to get him. An easier way would be to buy a hand-leveled account with Warwick League of Legends champ and enjoy the game to the fullest. Discounts
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What makes Warwick such a good champ

league photo urf the manatee ww

Warwick has unique skills that help winning in battles. Combinations of various passive skills and special attacks will allow you to deal significant damage to the entire team of enemies.

Despite several updates, this legendary character is still very popular among fans of the game. There were released several skins, including Urf the Manatee.

Champion’s statistics:

  • Health - 550 (+85 / level)
  • Health regeneration – 4 (+0.75 / level)
  • Armor - 33 (+3.2 / level)
  • Magic protection 32.1 (+1.25 / level)
  • Attack damage – 63 (+3 / level)
  • Attack speed - 0.638 (+2.3 / level)
  • Movement speed – 335

Champion’s abilities

Jaws of the Beast is one of the key abilities of Warwick. It simultaneously does good damage, restores health and allows effectively catching up with enemies. The main difficulty in using the skill is that you need to choose the right moment. At the same time it is necessary to clearly understand what abilities are in the opponent's arsenal and when he can apply them.

Eternal Hunger is a passive that allows Warwick farming forest without any difficulties, as each blow will cause additional magic damage, and with a health reserve of less than 50%, vampirism is activated.

Blood Hunt is the skill that makes Warwick such a unique and interesting character. The passive highlights the bloody paths in the direction of the enemies, whose stock fell below the mark of 50%. That is, you do not see the exact location of the enemy (if it is in the fog of war), but you can approximately determine it.

If Warwick moves along this very path, that is in the direction of the enemy, then his movement speed increases significantly. This fact gives Warwick such a serious advantage already from the very beginning of the game. Even one level of passive can significantly increase the speed of movement.

Primal Howl may seem simple at first. You activate the skill and reduce the incoming damage for a while, but by analogy with Jaws of the Beast, one must feel the moment when to use this ability. The good news is that the ability also has a second effect, fear, and it is your main control effect at the beginning of the game, which should be used during the gang.

Infinite Duress provides good control of one goal and causes damage.

Champion’s advantages:

  • The excellent passive Eternal Hunger allows easily and quickly farms the forest and at the same time keeping your health reserve at least at 50%.
  • There is a good Primal Howl ability that reduces incoming damage and gives advantage in combat.
  • Warwick is very well suited for moving between lines and searching for opportunities to kill the enemy. This is achieved due to the high movement speed.
  • Due to Blood Hunt ability he can constantly monitor the movements of enemies and be in the right place in the right time. The action of the passive effect is really unique, but it will take a little getting used to it to obtain the maximum benefit.
  • High speed and a special set of abilities allow Warwick catching up with half-dead enemies and quickly finish with them.
  • Warwick is good for beginners who want to learn how to play in the woods.

Champion’s disadvantages:

  • Warwick must not make mistakes. If he loses the advantage at the start, then in the future it can lead to a deplorable result. Warwick must necessarily play aggressively and realize his potential in the first half of the game.
  • He strongly depends on the actions of the team. If the allies begin to lose their lines, then Warwick will not be able to significantly affect the outcome of the battle.
  • Warwick will be strong only in the hands of a very experienced player.

Urf the Manatee skin

picture of urf the manatee ww from lol game

Urf Warwick is a rare skin of the champion. He is featured wearing flayed carcass of Urf. Originally, Urf was the LOL champion cancelled by the developer. This skin was released as an April fool’s joke in 2010. It cost 5000 RP in the store and became the most expensive skin they have ever developed.

It was not released again and is no longer available in game. In internet you will find profiles with Urf Warwick for sale. Some sources would offer you Urf the Manatee skin code for discount. However, be careful. Since the skin is very rare and expensive such lucrative offer may be a fraud. is one of the most reliable sites to buy Urf Warwick skin. We have 100% hand-leveled accounts of top-quality.

League of Legends was released almost 10 years ago, and many things have changed and some characters and skins are no longer available. The only way to get the champion you want is to buy online. has profiles with legendary warriors like LOL Warwick at a good price. Our team constantly improves service quality to provide you with everything you need for a great gameplay.

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