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Unmasked Kayle Skin Accounts

unmasked kayle account image in lol game launcher

Magnificent Kayle – Judicator of LoL

Kayle is a real paladin, who is fighting for law and justice. Character is loved by many gamers for might and honor. If you are experienced player of League of Legends you know, how difficult leveling of a champ is. For people, who want to save their time, we’ve found a way to the top characters. Buy a ready account and enjoy the game.

Sometimes online games demand too much attention. With modern enormous speed of life many people cannot play games every day. For them Gamestrore.Live prepared a wide range of hand-leveled accounts. On them you will find Unmasked Kayle and other popular champions with rare skins.

Why players buy skins? They want to customize their hero and make him/her differ from the same ones. The most expensive items were offered to players only once in a game history. It was a present for the achievements or item within game event. Now only several people from hundreds of thousands own them. It is really cool to have something like Unmasked Kayle in the account.

Buy an account with your favorite champion without hesitations, because we are reliable service. Our purchases are made through G2A Merchant – an international gaming company. We guarantee that you will receive ordered account. Lots of fun with Kayle LoL on it are waiting for you. Discounts
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-9% NOW!
LoL low OCE Account 5BC527HF0436N
  • - Oceania Server
  • - 20 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 9 Champions
  • - 2 Skins
  • - 2793 BE
  • - 205 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
11 $ 10 $
-11% NOW!
LoL low EUNE Account 5610M1VSHZ576A
  • - EU East Server
  • - 25 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 8 Champions
  • - 4 Skins
  • - 1383 BE
  • - 151 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
9 $ 8 $
-10% NOW!
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 79 Champions
  • - 11 Skins
  • - 8571 BE
  • - 143 RP
  • - 5 Rune Pages
58 $ 52 $
-31% NOW!
LoL low EUNE Account 5VGGLO3AU10VSY
  • - EU East Server
  • - 22 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 24 Champions
  • - 2 Skins
  • - 3141 BE
  • - 313 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
13 $ 9 $
-18% NOW!
LoL low TR Account 3VFFD65QIOTL7
  • - Turkey Server
  • - 24 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 15 Champions
  • - 3 Skins
  • - 1149 BE
  • - 400 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
11 $ 9 $
-13% NOW!
LoL low EUNE Account 7YHN2Q6SOTE5U
  • - EU East Server
  • - 21 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 5 Champions
  • - 2 Skins
  • - 1042 BE
  • - 400 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
8 $ 7 $
-13% NOW!
LoL low EUNE Account 2T824NG19C9UT
  • - EU East Server
  • - 20 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 9 Champions
  • - 3 Skins
  • - 2788 BE
  • - 83 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
8 $ 7 $
-21% NOW!
  • - Latin South Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 33 Champions
  • - 5 Skins
  • - 1527 BE
  • - 13 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
19 $ 15 $
-22% NOW!
LoL low BR Account 9TRLFU558T7HY
  • - Brazil Server
  • - 23 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 11 Champions
  • - 2 Skins
  • - 3496 BE
  • - 25 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
9 $ 7 $

Who is Kayle

league photo unmasked kayle

In a distant world of charming winged creatures, a cruel war burns for decades. LoL Kayle - a fearless headman on an army, ace of aces. She struggles desperately for law and right, ready to annihilate every piece of evil on her path.

Kayle from League of Legend is hiding face under enchanter armor. Beautiful and delicate, she dedicated life to war. Now it is impossible to see a young girl under the shining armor of a true soldier.

A decade ago a bloody war for justice was nearly won, when Kyle was stabbed. Her riotous sister Morgana, an outcast in her world, rose in power and nearly won in battle. Kyle had nothing to do but fight against own sister. That battle saved the world Kyle LoL promised to protect, but created an abyss between sisters.

Which skills has Unmasked Kayle

To protect the whole world and lead mighty soldiers to a victory, a character turned into a real champion. Watch her power, speed, armor and other vital indicators. Buy flasks and artifacts to improve situation. Basic indicators of Kayle LoL are:

  • Health is 586 +105 with gaining a level
  • Attack Damage is 51+2.2 with gaining a level
  • Attack Speed is 0.638 +2.2% with gaining a level
  • Movement Speed is constantly 335
  • Health Regen is 8.5 +0.75 with gaining a level
  • Armor is 26.88 +3.5 with gaining a level
  • Magic Resist is 30 +0.5 with gaining a level

Which abilities LoL Kayle uses

It is essential to know the skills of your hero in LoL. They show you which role is better for this character, which tactics you should follow, which artifacts to buy. Study the abilities before you start playing, develop your own plan, how to defeat opponents.

Holy Fervor

During the attack against opponent, Kayle LoL lowers his Armor and Magic Resist by 3%. It works for 5 sec and collects up to 5 times. This useful passive ability works well with Righteous Fury.


  • Mana price: 70/75/80/85/90
  • Distance of action: 650

Angelic force of Kayle, char of League of Legends hits opponent, delivering 60/110/160/210/260 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) (+60% Ability Power) gmg from magic. Champion additionally slows down victim by 35/40/45/50/55% for 3 sec and spreads Holy Fervor on it. Level this skill as early as possible, because it is one of your basics.

Divine Blessing

  • Mana price: 60/70/80/90/100
  • Distance of action: 900

Blessing of a teammate heals him for 60/105/150/195/240 (+45% Ability Power) HP, speeds up by 18/21/24/27/30% (+[7% Ability Power]%) for 3 sec. The skill is perfect to save your ally in crucial moment. Unmasked Kayle is quite a good support for some time.

Righteous Fury

  • Mana price: 45
  • Distance of action: 20

LoL Kayle’s standard assault passively gets 10/15/20/25/30 (+15% Ability Power) of additional dmg from hit. Actively hero gets adding to Attack Range 400 for 10 sec. Attacks additionality get 20/30/40/50/60 +NaN% Attack Damage +30% Ability Power extra power and its effects are spread on enemies, standing close to the target. Thanks to this skill Kayle can deliver huge damage on range. It is useful in teamfights.


  • Mana price: 0
  • Distance of action: 900

In League of Legends Kayle’s ultimate ability covers a friendly target with an energy shield, which protects from all kinds of damage for 2/2.5/3 sec. One of the most powerful ults in LoL. Champion or her teammate can become absolutely invulnerable.

Strong and weak sides of Kayle LoL

picture of unmasked kayle from lol game

In battles Kayle can perform the role of support. She has healing skill and cool ultimate for it. But it is more profitable to play this champ as a solo-mage in the middle. Leave support’s role for more specialized characters.

Among the positive features of LoL Kayle:

  • High mass DPS with skill Righteous Fury
  • Reckoning significantly slows down the opponents
  • Ability to restore health and speed up yourself and your allies with skill Divine Blessing
  • Ultimate ability makes champion and her friends invulnerable
  • On high levels has really big DPS

Unmasked Kayle has some difficulties:

  • Lack of mana at the beginning of game
  • No abilities to perform escape
  • Low HP and survivability at the beginning of a game

Some useful tips for playing LoL Kayle

In the early game Kayle should gain at least the second level. Reaching it char obtains the basic attack skills: Reckoning and Righteous Fury. On first lvl it is better to take a closer look at opponents, understand the way they play.

In League of Legends Kayle’s tactics will be based on enemies’ behavior. If your opponent is quite dormant, take initiative on and attack first. Don’t let foe farm and receive gold. In case you meet potent enemy or counterpick champ, against whom char is absolutely weak, defend yourself and farm.

During the mid-game situation on the battlefield becomes clear and Unmasked Kayle receives first useful artifacts. If an opponent on a line is mighty and don’t want to leave turret to you, try to move onto neighbor lines. It will be useful to gang the lower line. Warn your allies about your moving towards them.

In the late-game you feel potential of Kayle LoL. Till this moment you should have 4-5 Artifacts. With them you will be able to deal huge mass damage. Pick the targets, which have the lowest magic resist. You will kill them very quickly.

Unmasked Kayle skin and its price

This skin first appeared in 2011. Many gamers loved it, although it didn’t differ from the standard look too much. The only difference is in lack of the helmet. It is a Legacy skin. It means that normally they are not available to buy. You can find them only on some sales or bundles. Price of Unmasked Kayle those days was 975 RP.

Now you can still wait for some special occasion to buy LoL Kayle account. But why should you wait, if you can obtain it right today! On Gamestore.Live order accounts with your favorite champions and rare skins. Receive your purchase within 5 minutes after payment. Buy the ready account with Kayle and enjoy the game without boring leveling! Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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