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The Mighty Jax Skin Accounts

LOL Jax – Powerful Champion

All fans of the League of Legends know mysterious and powerful character Jax. He is famous for throwing barbed jokes at his allies and opponents and is able to fight with anything he finds at his hand. His favorite weapon is a lamppost.

Normally, the League of Legends accepts only champions who have become famous for their actions, but Jax has famed himself in the Fields of Justice. He calls himself a Grandmaster of Arts and performs excellent abilities.

LoL EUW Account 72S71JGJ1PBUO
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 115 Champions
  • - 105 Skins
  • - 18030 BE
  • - 33 RP
  • - 16 Rune Pages
130 $
-12% NOW!
LoL JP Account 21UBCB116TCAQ
  • - Japan Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 104 Champions
  • - 135 Skins
  • - 42741 BE
  • - 2325 RP
  • - 16 Rune Pages
161 $ 142 $
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 80 Champions
  • - 49 Skins
  • - 5664 BE
  • - 210 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
68 $
LoL EUW Account 9O2E6R9XSZ7J3
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 29 Champions
  • - 12 Skins
  • - 6335 BE
  • - 239 RP
  • - 4 Rune Pages
27 $
  • - North America Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 136 Champions
  • - 299 Skins
  • - 142666 BE
  • - 75 RP
  • - 20 Rune Pages
316 $
-15% NOW!
LoL RU Account 2453B2S4N4Z4W
  • - Russia Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 83 Champions
  • - 15 Skins
  • - 1654 BE
  • - 10 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
54 $ 46 $
  • - North America Server
  • - 51 Level
  • - Silver II - 59 LP ELO
  • - 120 Champions
  • - 121 Skins
  • - 5007 BE
  • - 270 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
153 $
-5% NOW!
  • - Oceania Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 120 Champions
  • - 144 Skins
  • - 10179 BE
  • - 9070 RP
  • - 9 Rune Pages
149 $ 142 $
-4% NOW!
LoL OCE Account 72P9Q4Q6VJ1FL
  • - Oceania Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 109 Champions
  • - 53 Skins
  • - 5640 BE
  • - 549 RP
  • - 11 Rune Pages
85 $ 82 $

Story of League of Legends Jax

Jax comes from Demacia. He has left his homeland long time ago. His homeland was destroyed by people’s own pride and their desire to control the Void. He made a promise to himself to protect the little that was left from his home country and people.

His joining to the League was surprising for everyone and caused a lot of rumors in the Institute of War. Champions are accepted to the League due to their victorious actions in the battlefield. But Jax did not do anything outstanding before joining the League. He just stood before the gates and they opened letting him in.

Although the acceptance of such an ordinary warrior was perceived ambiguously, Jax immediately demonstrated that he was a formidable opponent. Until now no other champion can achieve the number of victories he did.

The head of the League put a ban on Jax. In reaction to this injustice, Jax stated that he imposes restrictions on himself, and since then he has fought only with a copper lamppost. Later, the League canceled its decision, but Jax did not want to part with his true weapon. He still fights with a lamppost, and does it magnificently.

Key features of The Mighty Jax

Champion’s statistics

  • Health: 592.8 (+ 85/level)
  • Health regeneration: 8.5 (+0.55/level)
  • Armor: 36 (+3/level)
  • Attack damage: 69.97 (+3.375/level)
  • Attack speed: 0.638 (+3.4%/level)
  • Movement speed: 350
  • Magic resist.: 32.1 (+1.25/level)

Champion’s abilities

Relentless Assault passive is not that active at the beginning, as it gives a slight increase in attack speed, and even Jax’s speed of attack is low. But by the middle of the game and especially at the end, this passive significantly increases the DPS of the champion.

Leap Strike is an excellent skill that is equally useful to attack and jump on an allied target and escape from under attack. The skill is even be used on wards, which allows the champ jumping over obstacles. It has a good range of jump.

Empower is a good skill that increases the damage of the next attack. The ability is perfectly combined with Trinity Force artifact.

Counter Strike gives Jax just unimaginable combinations for an attack. Only 1 level of this skill can change the outcome of the battle in Jax’s favour. Upon activation, Jax begins to dodge all auto attacks for as long as 2 seconds, and then deals damage and stuns the target. He is a real problem for the champions of close combat.

Grandmaster's Might ult gives Jax a huge damage increase, even though it automatically triggers every 3rd attack. 6 level is usually the most important for Jax since from that moment the enemy is unable to endure the rush of Jax's punches.

The ult increases the protective characteristics of the champ, which sometimes proves to be the decisive factor in team battles. Protection lasts as long as 8 seconds, which is very long under the standards of LOL.

Champion’s advantages:

  • very high damage
  • ability to escape or attack using the Leap Strike skill
  • excellent mass stun Counter Strike
  • ability to survive even in the most difficult situations
  • ability to prevent enemy forester’s gang

Champion’s disadvantages:

  • weak at the first levels of the game against some enemies.
  • unleveled skills have a large recharge
  • poor tank features until 6 level
  • requires good control during mass battles

The Mighty Jax skin

The Mighty Jax skin is a good piece for collectors. The skin was devoted to Vancouver Winter Olympic games held in 2010. Jax League of Legends is shown as a hockey player with a baton in his arms, still wearing his mask under hockey helmet. He is a mighty warrior known for his ability of killing enemies with different object he finds at hand.

Jax uses his amazing skills to defeat the enemies. This is a good skin for a team play and individual fights.

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