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LoL Anivia champion is really special because it is one of the most powerful female characters in this popular MOBA game. Team Spirit Anivia represents the best skin for this awesome femme fatale. If you want to know about the spotlights of Team Spirit Anivia skin and the tactics referred to the champ, read the detailed guide.

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  • - 4 Rune Pages
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Peculiarities of Team Spirit Anivia in League of Legends

In 2010 Riot team released updates of designs for all key champions, including Anivia. This event was related to the Olympics Games. Most champions were dressed as athletes in their national costumes or just had thematic reskins. Anivia wasn’t an exception. This is how Team Spirit Anivia appeared on February 13, 2010.

Unlike most rare skins, Team Spirit Anivia is available for sale on the official Riot’s store. Team Spirit Anivia price is only 520 RP. If you don’t want to buy such skin, it is also possible to get Team Spirit skin as one of Mystery Gifts.

You may easily recognize Team Spirit Anivia among similar winter-related skins. First and foremost, it is a very stylish design in the French flag colors — red, blue and white. Apart from design, Team Spirit design doesn’t differ from any other Anivia LoL skin.

What is Anivia’s main role?

Also known as The Cryophoenix, Anivia represents the female bird that came from the Far North to protect her master. One of classic League of Legends champions that represents a class of mages. Most players choose Anivia LoL champion for a support role because she has many health points and regeneration skills.

In-game characteristics of Anivia LoL champion:

  • Health — 480 points;
  • Regeneration of health — at 5,5 rate;
  • Initial mana supply — 495;
  • Mana regeneration — 8;
  • Armor — 21,2;
  • Magic defense — 30;
  • Damage — 51,3;
  • Attack’s range — 550;
  • Attack’s speed — 0.625;
  • Movement speed — 325;

Statistics for League of Legends Anivia:

  • Win rate – 51.93%;
  • Popularity is average —1,83%;
  • Frequency of bans — 0,21%;
  • Gold per a single match — 12189.46;
  • Kills — 5,87;
  • Deaths — 4,58;
  • Place in the global rating — 10 out of 42;

The greatest skills of this LoL champ:


It’s one of the best passive skills that any magician would like to have in his arsenal. Especially this skill is relevant for Anivia League of Legends champ at the beginning of a map, when The Cryophoenix buys an extra life.

Flash Frost

A great skill inflicts magical damage and also can slow down and stun several enemies at once. The correct use of this ability a requires some training, since the ice block flies slowly and sometimes it is necessary to wait for the enemy’s move.


One the most difficult in terms of applying the skills of Aniva League of Legends hero. At first it may seem that the skill is meaningless, since it does not inflict damage and does not interact with enemies in any way. This ability allows to create heavy obstacles on the map, making the best barrier for enemies. You may want to buy Anivia because she is the only champ in League of Legends who has this skill.

What runes are to be used by Anivia LoL champion?

  • Greater Mark of Insight — increases the penetration of magic resistance by 0,95;
  • Greater Seal of Replenishment — it buys mana regeneration of 0,41 every 5 seconds;
  • Greater Glyph of Force — the power of abilities increases by 0,17 units with each transition of LoL Anivia to the new level. The maximum rune effect is achieved at level 18;
  • Greater Quintessence of Potency — the skill power is increased by 4,95 points.

The style of Anivia’s gameplay at the beginning of every League of Legends game depends on her rivals. The Cryophoenix often starts a fight from the middle lane and then there are two possible scenarios for the further tactics with runes.

If enemy is strong, you have to try to farm and play as carefully as possible. Other enemies allow you to auto-attack. By the way, despite the fact the animation of auto-attacks for Anivia LoL is very slow, it has a very long range. If the opponent is weaker, then it is better to use different combos like Flash Frost + Frostbite. Buy rare abilities for boosting before starting a match in LoL.

Weak and strong points of LoL Anivia champion:

In LoL Anivia is a very cute and interesting champ. If your team does not play with passive skills, but constantly makes quick attacks, then Anivia will quickly find her role in your group.

Of course, in terms of training, Anivia League of Legends is not the easiest champ, since almost every ability of hers requires special buffs, whether it's an ice block or ice wall. But still The Cryophoenix is not the most difficult hero in LoL.

Weak points:

  • Not the easiest champion for training if you are a novice. It is especially difficult to learn how to use the ability for making ice walls;
  • A very weak champion at the very beginning of each match;
  • Slow animation of auto-attacks, which makes it difficult to kill minions;
  • The protagonist is very dependent on mana and even with artifacts, you need to get the blue buff to compensate a lack of mana;
  • The ice block of Flash Frost flies extremely slowly, and enemies can easily dodge this attack of Anivia LoL;

Strong points:

  • Starting from the 6th level, Anivia League of Legends is very easy to farm.
  • Very powerful ultra-ability called Glacial Storm that, in addition to mass damage, also slows down enemies. Another reason to buy the champ with such rare skin;
  • Increased damage to abilities from artifacts at all points during a match;
  • The hero may control a whole match and keep enemies at the right distance;

How to get Team Spirit Anivia champ in LoL?

There are a few ways to get this exceptional legendary LoL skin for your collection. Team Spirit skin is available on the official Riot store, but it usually costs not less than 520 RP per a single item. You may wait for its very rare drop as a Mystery gift.

Or you can go to Gamestore.Live and get any skin to any LoL champ, including Team Spirit Anivia with a significant discount.

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