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Riot Squad Singed Skin Accounts

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Buy ready LoL account with Singed – Mad and Genius

If your favorite hero in League of Legends is Singed, you should know how difficult it is, to become proficient in playing it. Gamers spend weeks and months, trying to appear on top. But what if your time doesn’t let you do so? Buy a ready account with heroes you like on Gamestore.Live.

It is safe and profitable to buy our ready accounts. All of them are hand-leveled; we don’t use bots for creating it. After purchase you can change e-mail and password to make sure that noone steals your account. All transactions are made through G2A Merchant – international gaming company, providing wide range of services.

Ready account is for you to buy a character with a rare skin. For example, Riot Singed is one of the rarest skins in game. LoL had a life-time event, where players had a chance to obtain a code on a card. A Rioter handed a code to the luckiest ones. It was also given on PAX event, and fans were fighting desperately for it. And the Visual Update of Singed made it look marvelous!

If you’ve missed event, but you desire to obtain skin, you can buy ready account with it. Players still have a chance to get Riot Singed for sale. Choose which heroes you would like to see in account and enjoy the game within few minutes after buying. Discounts

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Who is this legendary LoL Singed

league photo riot squad singed

Mad, deranged, genius chemist came from Zaun. Someone may say he is amoral. The others see brilliant intelligence and desire to get more knowledge. Hero is breaking the walls of science, eager to get more, even with the price of his sanity.

Singed is faithful to his potions and leaves a toxic traces on battlefields, terrifying enemies. He was moving to it over a century, refining his art of chem-tech by biological experimentation, even on himself. The core of hero is chemicals and insanity. Don’t try to stop him, because there are no people and morality that is able to stand between him and his deadly science.

How Singed shows himself in game

Each character in League of Legends has its own features. How to become a professional in game with the particular hero, whom you buy? Study his stats, strong and weak sides and peculiarities and try to have as much practice, as possible.

Hero’s stats

Parameters of Singed are not constant. They are changing as far as he gains a new level. The stats are:

  • Health. The initial amount is 580 HP, he gains +85 HP per level.
  • Health regen. Champion restores 8 HP, +0.55 per level.
  • Attack speed. 0.613 and is growing +1.81 per level.
  • Damage. Character deals 62.32 DPS, adding +3.375 per level.
  • Speed of movement. 345 – it is constant.
  • Armor of Singed is 37, growing +3.5 per level.
  • Magic resist is 32.1, gaining additionally +1.25 per level.

Special abilities of the champion

Using right ability on time is a halfway to the victory. Your teammates will be glad, if your professional game will bring them to ranked games. Study, how the skills work to use perform deadly combos and win:

  • Noxious Slipstream. Works passively. Singed LoL gains an impulse of speed of moving, passing the enemies, whom he has draft off.
  • Poison trail. Costs 13 mana per second. Has a range of action 20. Riot squad Singed leaves poisonous traces behind. Opponents, caught in this deadly area, get damage. The ability has a toggle – damage is growing each second. It deals 20/30/40/50/60 DPS.
  • Mega Adhesive. Ability cost grows with each next level – 60/70/80/90/100 Mana. Has a range of work 1000. A flask of adhesive substance, thrown on the ground, slows opponents, walking on it, for 40%. It works for 3 seconds. Movement abilities of foes are prohibited at this time. Flinging targets to the sticky zone roots them for up to 2 sec.
  • Fling. Cost is rising – 80/95/110/125/140 Mana. Range of action – 125. Target foe gets dmg and is thrown to air behind Singed. If the opponent falls into Mega Adhesive, it will root him. DPS is counted the following way: 50/65/80/95/110 + 75% Ability Power + 4/5/6/7/8% of the opponents’ max HP. Minions and monsters get by 300 extra bonus dmg.
  • Insanity Potion. Costs 100 Mana, works on range 20. Hero increases combat skills with active chemical infusions. It adds 30/55/80 to all of stats for 25 sec.

Strong and weak sides of League of Legends Singed

picture of riot squad singed from lol game

Positive and negative sides of your favorite champion play a great role in game. To become a top-player you should know them well. The best gamers we see on popular streams know how to use profitably advantages and hide disadvantages. So it’s worth studying.

Pros of Singed

  • Cool in teamplay. He can support others and play for himself without troubles.
  • Great in tilt. From the moment when you are able to show good results, your opponents’ teams keeps losing games one-by-one.
  • Teaches you to think globally about the whole game instead of current moment. Playing this hero helps to think strategically..
  • Easily changes the situation in game. Mega Adhesive and Fling can save situation even if char had lost the lane.

Singed is quite a difficult character to play, but if you don’t surrender, have a lot of patience and desire to get better – it is a way to become a substantially better LoL player. Buy it now, if you are serious about this pass-time activity.

Cons of the champion

  • Poor in late-game. You could get bored in this period, but only after gaining high skill to play LoL Singed well.
  • Many hard counters. Learning properly how to act in different situations can take a lot of games, full of defeated and suffering.
  • Fling is difficult to perform right. You can expect mistakes, cause this is not so easy, as in modern casual games, where you have 2-3 buttons to press.
  • Quite hard to get proficient. Singed is one of the most difficult heroes in matchup.
  • Is widely hated in game. If all the opponents are getting crazy, seeing you – relax and enjoy.

Having Singed on your account may be as challenging, as pleasant. How can you be victorious with all these disadvantages?Practice patiently, and after several games your skill will grow. You can even forget, that they used to be!

When Riot squad Singed is optimal

If you are ready to buy an account with such a difficult champion, get ready to the fact that there is not so much he can do until reaching the 6th level. And if you are fighting more than 40 minutes already, he is almost useless. That’s why it is so important to start winning games on the phase of the Early Game Presence. The basic tactics for this char is blitzkrieg. Study the Riot Singed code to know the moment of burst.

Champ is loved by gamers for being good at farming and taking part in fight. Thanks to proxy he will get first tower gold almost for sure. With LoL Singed you reach full build and 18th level faster than the others – 2-3 lvls earlier. But don’t be proud of yourself too much, because after 40 minutes the team of opponents can easily catch up game. And this is the moment, when you could feel useless.

Don’t focus too much on having kills, because Singed doesn’t need a lot of KDA for winning. It is better for game, if main damage output of the team gets the kills. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot do that. Finally, it is a game – so have fun!

How to get an account with Riot Singed

If we are talking about your favorite champion, and you are dreaming about having Riot Singed on your LoL account – we can easily help you! On Gamestore.Live we have hand-leveled accounts with the best, rare and strong characters for sale.

It is easy to buy an account in our shop – just choose the one with characters you want and obtain it in a few minutes after purchase. No more endless playing, no more stolen or lost accounts. Take what you want, and be happy. And if you have questions, ask our clients’ support for help. Buy an account and start your League of Legends career with Singed today! Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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