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Are there still any League of Legends accounts for sale PBE?

Let’s be honest with ourselves: routine could kill almost everything we like. League of Legends is not an exception ― even the most ardent fan of this MOBA wants to try out something new from time to time. This desire intensifies with dozens of hours spent on daily battles or tiresome leveling.
Thankfully, summoners have a chance to enhance their League of Legends experience and enjoy something interesting. An enterprising player can buy a PBE account, which will open him or her the gate to the completely new content. But do not hasten to look for a PBE account sale ― it would be great to make things clearer first.

What PBE account really means

PBE is an acronym for “Public Beta Environment”. What is that even supposed to mean? Well, it is like a private server actually. PBE LoL account makes it possible for you to try out new skins or champions before the masses will see them in the main version of League of Legends.

Where can I search for League of Legends PBE account for sale?

You can visit anytime you want and take a look at the online catalogue with hundreds of hand-leveled accounts. If you find a LoL PBE account, you can place an order and it will be delivered for you instantly. Besides, there are other advantages of using our service, like: • Affordable price and considerable discounts • Secure payment systems where you can pay in your country’s currency • Attentive customer support that is available round-the-clock Once you make use of our website, you will understand the true value of quality service. Remember that we are always glad to satisfy your gaming needs!

How to get a PBE account?

Given that you have found the place where you can buy a LoL account PBE, you would need to undergo a typical process of online purchasing. Be sure to read the FAQ section and contact the support team in case you have questions.

Where can I get my account information after payment?
Once we receive your payment, we will send account login and password to your payment inbox. Do not forget to check it!

How long does the delivery take after payment?
Once the transaction is confirmed, you will get a letter from Gamestore with the account information within 5 minutes.

What information will I get in the letter?

The letter will contain login, password to your account and information how to link your inbox to the purchased account. Your inbox is not linked to the account! Do not forget to link it right away!

I made a payment but the letter did not come. What should I do?
1. Check the spam folder in your inbox.
2. Check your payment inbox, maybe the letter was sent to another email!
3. If the letter did not come within 15 minutes, contact Gamestore support and we will help you!
Choose an account you want to buy.
Go to your cart
Enter a coupon code to get a lower account price!
Make a successful payment.
Open a letter from

Add it to your cart
Check the selected account and its price once again.
Go to the payment method selection page.
Go to your payment inbox.
Save access to the account and enjoy the game on the new account!

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Is it safe to purchase accounts on your website?

Yes, we sell very old accounts which are not linked to an email. So, the account won’t be banned and will stay yours forever.

Do you sell botted or hand leveled accounts?

We sell hand leveled accounts only. They are safe and a buyer will not have problems with the account due to the use of game bots.
Can I change email and password to the purchased account?
Of course. First, you must link your email (all accounts have unverified emails). Then you will easily change your password.

Do you provide guarantees to the purchased account?

Yes, we will change the purchased account if you have problems with it through our fault.

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Premium site, fast account details, overall good. First time using something like this ,because of rito gaymes.
Account was delivered instantly with the correct champions and all. 10/10
Good Service!
very good
Everything as described, 34$ for an account with 50+ champs and 15 good skins. Great price and quality

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