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LoL EUW Account 1U860Q263V5H

  • EU West Server
  • 30 Level
  • Unranked ELO
  • 27 Champions
  • 20 Skins
  • 407 IP
  • 229 RP
  • 2 Rune Pages
74 $
82 $

LoL LAS Account 0CB832H48I23P

  • Latin South Server
  • 30 Level
  • Unranked ELO
  • 117 Champions
  • 255 Skins
  • 11678 IP
  • 168 RP
  • 14 Rune Pages

Buy PAX Sivir skin

Meet the Queen of Battlegrounds: PAX Sivir for Sale!

Beware the cruciform sword when you step on the battlefield against this dangerous peach ― she can smash you like a worm if you play absent-mindedly. And if you do choose her as your champion, you probably want to get that cool PAX Sivir skin that is considered to be so rare. Is it still accessible?

Of course it is, if you have entered Scroll through the accounts below and choose the one you like. If you decide to buy PAX Sivir skin, the account will be delivered to your email address instantly!

How to get PAX Sivir in League of Legends

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How much is PAX Sivir worth?

PAX Sivir rarity has a tremendous effect on the value of this skin. Taking into account the listings with PAX Sivir on Ebay, its prices vary from $100 to $300, in general.

Is there any PAX Sivir code left?

In 2014 Riot disabled such codes, so you can buy the PAX version of Sivir only on some websites.

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