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League of Legends Accounts - Server: Pbe; Champion: Galio; Rare Skins: Pax Sivir, Ufo Corki

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We are

1. Fast

Check your inbox for full access to your purchased account in 5 minutes after payment. Our automated letters delivery system will send account details anytime.

2. Save

All accounts available at the Gamestore are secure! We sell only hand leveled accounts with the minimal risk of a ban. Also, you can easily link your native email and set your password.

3. Flexible

We provide a huge selection of accounts on any server in the League of Legends. It is easy to select an account using our flexible and simple filter.

Our Testimonials
super quick delivery account was mine in minutes
pretty decent accounts just wish they had more in NA that were cheaper
So quick & easy! Will be back to buy again. A+++
Never had a problem
very fast.worth the expense

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