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LoL OCE Account 322828

  • Oceania
  • 30 Level
  • Unranked
  • 93 Champions
  • 56 Skins
  • 13 Rune Pages
  • 4426 IP
  • 528 RP
83 $
96 $
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LoL OCE Account 382401

  • Oceania
  • 30 Level
  • Unranked
  • 97 Champions
  • 50 Skins
  • 6 Rune Pages
  • 9457 IP
  • 18 RP
86 $
95 $
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LoL OCE Account 297843

  • Oceania
  • 30 Level
  • Unranked
  • 95 Champions
  • 72 Skins
  • 10 Rune Pages
  • 2905 IP
  • 47 RP
109 $
122 $

League of Legends Accounts

League of Legend Account for Sale from GameStore

As you know, League of Legends is one of the most popular online video games created in October 2009. Playing this adventure, you become the unseen “conjurer” who controls the chosen character – a champion with a set of the inimitable capabilities and skills. Having bought a LOL account, you get the opportunity to fight against a team of other characters, both human- and computer-controlled. Your key objective in this global battle is to destroy the opposing side’s “nexus”, their core element protected by various defense constructions.

It's no secret that each League of Legends account is quite weak at the beginning of his or her “career”. But with the course of time the hero becomes stronger and stronger, his set of skills grows larger, and it becomes much easier for the player to reach higher heights with the chosen champion. Along with that, LOL characters are distinguished by their unique looks. For instance, you can buy League accounts featuring high fantasy, folk art, steampunk, and so on. On our website you can choose any accounts you like, from the cheapest ones, belonging to levels 1-10, to the strongest accounts from the 30-th level.

Let us have a look at some popular League accounts for sale and discuss their major strong points:

  • Vladimir, for example, is a powerful Mage who can inflict physical and magical injuries to his enemies. He has the unique ability to steal his opponents’ health and power; Vladimir can become untargetable for two seconds. Another capability of this champion is that he can infect the battleground with mortiferous plague. Buy a league of legends account of Vladimir and watch the way your enemies linger out their lives in agony.
  • Another popular champion is Ashe. She is a Marksman, and her key missions are to inflict long-term damage to her foemen, bring down and occupy enemy defense buildings. Ashe is perfect at doing archery: with her ancient ice-enchanted bow, the character hits any targets. Having bought this account LOL, you will enjoy the way she chooses the target, waits for the most suitable moment, and then strikes powerfully and accurately.
  • As for Fighters, here we can consider Zed, an uncatchable ninja with a variety of unique skills. He belongs to the list of cheap League accounts, but this doesn’t mean this character is weak: along with his shadow, Zed throws his shurikens, which cause serious physical damage to the enemies they pass through. The hero can spin his blade and create an explosion of shadow energy.

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