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LoL low NA Account 47GN75YGB1LLK

LoL low NA Account 47GN75YGB1LLK
LoL low NA Account 47GN75YGB1LLK
  • - Server North America
  • - Level 20
  • - ELO Unranked
  • - Champions 12
  • - Skins 1
  • - BE 662
  • - RP 450
  • - Rune Pages 2
  • - Rank at Season 7 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 6 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 5 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 4 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 3 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 2 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 1 Unranked


With Account# 47GN75YGB1LLK you have to put some efforts in leveling in return of money. Cheapest accounts require some time investment to prepare them for a "big show". Invest some time to finish leveling process and enjoy the game. "Starter pack" with 12 Champions opens gates to the "Fields of Justice"! It has Unranked ELO current Season, so your ladder rank depends on how You will finish your placements! You'll definitely need some in-game stuff, account has 662 Blue Essence to spend on those things. This item already has 450 Riot Points, so You'll have to spend less to customize this account! Developers gave players Two Rune Pages, You'll start over with that. Only 1 Skin owned, but that's just a beginning, isn't it?

Champions owned

: Alistar, Annie, Ashe, Fizz, Gangplank, Gragas, Janna, Kayle, Nasus, Ryze, Sona, Soraka.

Skins owned

: Judgment Kayle.
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Our Testimonials
It's really fast. I'll only buy it here. ♥♥♥
Upon second purchase, the account came immediately and worked upon first try.
Everything works fine, played some games and everything that is advertised is on the account. Also leveled by hand so they likely wont get banned and delivery is very quick too.
Very fast and easy. For sure I will come back
Bought 2 accounts so far, thinking about a 3rd. Great service and accounts. Thx
Quick delivery,solid customers service and legit account,didn't get banned 6 months after the order.

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