1Client: Can I change the account's password and e-mail?
GameStoreTeam: After payment is confirmed, full account information will be sent to e-mail, you've mentioned during check out. Using that information you will be able to reverify account e-mail and change password.
2Client: How much time takes account delivery after purchase?
GameStoreTeam: After payment is confirmed, you will receive instant (1-2mins) a letter with full account info to the e-mail specified during check out. Don't forget to change account's password and email!
3Client: What info would "shipment" letter contain?
GameStoreTeam: It would contain payment details, account credentials, e-mail credentials (if the account is verified), and some additional information with steps showing how to change password and e-mail to the account.
4Client: What payment methods do you accept?
GameStoreTeam: Payments are processed by G2A.com system, they accept more than 100 kinds of payment methods, You will most likely find a proper one for yourself.
5Client: All prices are set in USD, can I make payment in another currency?
GameStoreTeam: You are allowed to make payment in any currency provided by our payment methods. Your currency would be automatically converted.
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  • Rank at Season 5 - Unranked
  • Rank at Season 4 - Silver
  • Rank at Season 3 - Silver
  • Rank at Season 2 - Silver
  • Rank at Season 1 - Unranked
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