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LoL EUW Account 8WEQ4620QL2YH

LoL EUW Account 8WEQ4620QL2YH
LoL EUW Account 8WEQ4620QL2YH
  • - Server EU West
  • - Level 30
  • - ELO Unranked
  • - Champions 15
  • - Skins 0
  • - BE 139
  • - RP 120
  • - Rune Pages 2
  • - Rank at Season 7 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 6 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 5 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 4 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 3 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 2 Unranked
  • - Rank at Season 1 Unranked


If you are about to buy a LoL Account# 8WEQ4620QL2YH, take note, it is already a Level - 30. Save more than two months of leveling newly created one! "Starter pack" with 15 Champions opens gates to the "Fields of Justice"! It has Unranked ELO current Season, so your ladder rank depends on how You will finish your placements! You'll definitely need some in-game stuff, account has 139 Blue Essence to spend on those things. This item already has 120 Riot Points, so You'll have to spend less to customize this account! Developers gave players Two Rune Pages, You'll start over with that. Unfortunately there are No skins owned, but that's just a beginning, isn't it?

Champions owned

: Ashe, Darius, Ezreal, Garen, Kassadin, Katarina, Kayle, Kha'Zix, Master Yi, Nunu, Sivir, Teemo, Veigar, Vladimir, Xin Zhao.

Skins owned

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Got a legit account in just 2 minutes and could change the details Stunning service!
the account has Low priority queue which was not specified in the account details
Nice and clean!
very good service
works great ! customer service great too!
Best service ever +++++++
Got my account instantly!!!

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