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Judgement Kayle Skin Accounts

judgement kayle account image in lol game launcher

LOL Kayle is One of the Most Wanted Skins

If you are playing League of Legends, you know that Judgment Kayle skin is one of the most desired skins of the players.

League of Legends has become an epic video game played globally. It captivates from the first moment you begin playing it. Its storyline, graphics and video effects, possibility to upgrade your character are the features that make so many players glued to their screens.

The game is played in real time mode. There are two teams of champions who compete with each other. To become stronger and have more equipment players use champion skins.

League of Legends Kayle skin is one of the rarest skins. It was released in Season 1 of the game to reward players. Back then players had to play 10 sessions to get the qualification sufficient for obtaining this skin.

Today this skin is not available in the game. Riot store never sold this skin because it was designed as a reward. So how do you get judgment Kayle? You simply buy it from reliable source and enjoy it. Discounts
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-23% NOW!
LoL BR Account 8Z2Y1L4F451C3
  • - Brazil Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 12 Champions
  • - 5 Skins
  • - 1110 BE
  • - 118 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
13 $ 10 $
-10% NOW!
LoL EUW Account 69451CC3G2R75
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 58 Champions
  • - 14 Skins
  • - 4458 BE
  • - 21 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
50 $ 45 $
-20% NOW!
LoL LAS Account 2ODJ108S8KR98W
  • - Latin South Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 49 Champions
  • - 24 Skins
  • - 2320 BE
  • - 159 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
30 $ 24 $
-11% NOW!
LoL EUW Account 1PDB10S997B4N2
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 78 Champions
  • - 34 Skins
  • - 6003 BE
  • - 59 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
56 $ 50 $
-19% NOW!
LoL LAN Account 9TDV109UQ96W2P
  • - Latin North Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 61 Champions
  • - 11 Skins
  • - 2768 BE
  • - 823 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
37 $ 30 $
-19% NOW!
LoL LAS Account 4V445692GYMDZ
  • - Latin South Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 35 Champions
  • - 8 Skins
  • - 2560 BE
  • - 5 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
21 $ 17 $
-19% NOW!
LoL LAS Account 607BMCSP3510O5
  • - Latin South Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 69 Champions
  • - 9 Skins
  • - 11096 BE
  • - 70 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
36 $ 29 $
-21% NOW!
LoL TR Account 07J5IQ5F57CQ7
  • - Turkey Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 45 Champions
  • - 13 Skins
  • - 1222 BE
  • - 23 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
28 $ 22 $
-25% NOW!
LoL low EUNE Account 57BSAMCNOXN0C
  • - EU East Server
  • - 25 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 19 Champions
  • - 3 Skins
  • - 1744 BE
  • - 56 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
12 $ 9 $

Who is Kayle

league photo judgement kayle

Kayle is an angelic warrior. She is the strongest representative of her immortal race. She is fighting for her people. When the champion arrives to the battlefield there is no mercy to the enemies.

This champion is not the easiest one to play with. However, if you wish to succeed, it will not take you long to train.


Passive – When Kayle attacks her opponent, they lose 3% of his armor and resistance to magic for 5 sec. The effect can be repeated for up to 5 times.

Q - Affects the target, dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+ 100% additional attack power) (+ 100% skill) magic damage and reduces movement speed by 35/40/45/50/55% for 3 sec.

W – Kayle blesses the chosen allied champion, curing him and increasing the speed of his movement.

E – Kayle’s attack range increases by 400 for 10 sec. And also deals an additional 20/30/40/50/60 (+ 40% of the skill's power) magic damage with each autoattack.

R – For a short period of time Kayle covers herself or her ally with a shield that absorbs all incoming damage.

Advantages of the champion:

  • Weak dependence on MANA;
  • A very powerful ultra that you can protect yourself and your allies;
  • Quite good distance combat;
  • Acceleration.

Features of judgment Kayle skin

This skin represents champion Kayle as a hooded figure wearing blue clothes. In this skin the champion has changed wings – not white ones but light brown. They look really amazing. Kalye’s original sword is red, but in this skin its color was also changed for blue crystal. All the details match perfectly and create a new outstanding look of the champion.

The developers kept animations, sounds and particles of the original skin. But they look harmoniously with her new look.

Kayle League of Legends skin is not available in the game anymore as it was presented to the player of Season 1. And most likely developers are not planning to return it. The only way is to purchase an account containing it at

These accounts have different accessories:

  • Up to 10 000 BE
  • Unranked ELO
  • 30 level
  • Up to 20 skins
  • Up to 1 000 RP
  • Up to 100 Champs
  • Up to 10 Rune pages.

How much is judgment Kayle worth

Not many people can boast of having this skin. It was released only in first Season LoL, when there were not so many players back then.

With its excellent features, this skin is much wanted by gamers. If you browse internet, at once you receive a good number of sellers offering such accounts. Judgment Kayle price may different from seller to seller.

This skin is very rare and thus the demand is great. Lots and lots of dedicated players look for ways how to get judgment Kayle. It means that it may not be cheap. So if you want to be the lucky owner of judgment Kayle, you have to be ready for some expenses.

At you are able to choose judgment Kayle account with features you want at the best price in internet.

What if you buy Kayle LOL from unreliable source

picture of judgement kayle from lol game

Unfortunately, there are many untrustworthy sellers of LOL accounts in Internet. Every day lots of dedicated players become their victims and lose their money. If you buy recklessly, you may become one of them.

3 reasons why reputation of seller is important:

  • The risk of being banned is minimal. Reliable sellers offer only hand-leveled profiles that are rarely banned. We recommend avoiding purchases of LOL accounts on auctions or other suspicious sources. On our site we do not sell botted accounts. All our products are leveled by hard work of our specialists. This is why they never get banned.
  • You are able to change access details. Maybe you have heard of situations when players buy LOL accounts but their access is blocked soon after the transaction. It happens because the seller changes login email address. They would do it for the purpose of reselling the account. You are able to change any details of the account that you buy at our site.
  • All features of profiles are available. It may happen that you buy a profile but find some of its features unavailable. One of the reasons may be the wrong IP indicated in the account. If you get LOL account from us, you will never face such difficulties.

Judgment Kayle how to get

If this Kayle skin is something you have been dreaming about, we can make your dream come true! We have got hand-leveled accounts with different features on our site.

The procedure is very simple. You select the account with desired characteristics. Then you click to buy it and confirm an email sent to the address that you indicated during purchase. Make payment and wait for the access to your new profile.

Normally, we provide an access within 1 hour, – maximum 24 hours, – after the payment is confirmed.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team. We are available round-the-clock and continue assisting you even after the purchase. If you have any issues towards the use of your profile, our operators will eagerly help you.

Why prefer service

We are №1 website selling top quality LOL accounts with rare skins and champs. Buying from us is simple because everything we do – we do it for our clients’ convenience.

Full customer satisfaction is our priority. We keep developing and improving our services to provide you with our best offers. All our clients get:

  • 100% seller guarantee on all products we sell
  • 100 secured payment methods
  • Access to the account instantly after confirmation of payment
  • 24/7 client support
  • Special offers and discounts for all customers
  • Attractive prices

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