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LoL JP Account 10269OXNQY5100W
  • - Japan Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 79 Champions
  • - 19 Skins
  • - 11817 BE
  • - 32 RP
  • - 9 Rune Pages
71 $ 69 $
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LoL JP Account 4159X92BTMJP6
  • - Japan Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 116 Champions
  • - 27 Skins
  • - 14949 BE
  • - 207 RP
  • - 10 Rune Pages
102 $ 97 $
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LoL JP Account 84Y829YIGR5B8
  • - Japan Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 32 Champions
  • - 3 Skins
  • - 21082 BE
  • - 400 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
40 $ 39 $
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LoL JP Account 9BD9C117T9IY6
  • - Japan Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 84 Champions
  • - 29 Skins
  • - 39958 BE
  • - 28 RP
  • - 15 Rune Pages
98 $ 95 $
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LoL JP Account 1106V85LQCVD0N
  • - Japan Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 42 Champions
  • - 8 Skins
  • - 1931 BE
  • - 100 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
34 $ 33 $

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