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Ice Toboggan Corki Skin Accounts

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Get the Cheapest Ice Toboggan Corki Skin!

Corki is not very popular but still very playable champion in the MOBA game League of Legends. This champ is well-known for its outstanding technical features and great statics, both for solo and team players.

Like all other protagonists in this game, Corki The Daring Bombardier has a number of unique skins/looks that you may buy. Ice Toboggan Corki is one of the hardest to find skins in LoL. It is a very rare drop to get.

You may pay real money converted into Riot Points to have this particular skin in your arsenal. However, it’s more affordable to get such awesome customization skin from our online store. Discounts
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LoL LAN Account 482GWH4VAUV28
  • - Latin North Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 107 Champions
  • - 47 Skins
  • - 7365 BE
  • - 474 RP
  • - 8 Rune Pages
68 $ 54 $
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LoL BR Account 9210382T86P78M
  • - Brazil Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 36 Champions
  • - 7 Skins
  • - 617 BE
  • - 10 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
22 $ 18 $
-18% NOW!
LoL LAS Account 10D3MZ5S5B28BX
  • - Latin South Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 21 Champions
  • - 7 Skins
  • - 5094 BE
  • - 535 RP
  • - 6 Rune Pages
17 $ 14 $

Why should you buy this skin for Corki LoL champ?

league photo ice toboggan corki

This particular look was given to the champ back in 2010. Such look was specifically designed for celebrating the opening of 2010 Winter Olympics. Hero was turned into a bobsleigh athlete. He even received a new gunship looking like a bobsleigh.

Since its release on February 19, 2010, Ice Toboggan Corki received a lot of love from hardcore fans of this particular champion. As usually, by the end of Olympic Games this skin disappeared from regular drops and giveaways.

From time to time Riot has sales where you may buy LoL Ice Toboggan Corki is available. Commonly, the skin is offered for sale during a very limited time period. Even if you have money, you may simply miss it out.

Besides, Ice Toboggan Corki rarity will cost you a lot, even taking into account that all rare skins available in Riot’s official shop are quite expensive. Current price for Ice Toboggan Corki skin is 1820 RP ($14). Can you believe it? Most legendary looks for more popular champions will cost you about 600 RP maximum.

Like all skins, this one won’t give you any benefits in a battle. So it’s a mystery why Riot loves Ice Toboggan Corki so much and is not ready to give it away cheap.

Anyway, from all points of view, it’s a far more profitable deal to get this rare customization item from our online store. We offer the best discounts for authentic Corki Ice Toboggan skin, along with multiple smurf and hand-boosted accounts for LoL.

How can you define an authentic LoL Ice Toboggan Corki?

In order to avoid scams and counterfeit it’s strongly recommended to explore how an authentic skin for LoL Corki. First and foremost, take a closer look at the Ice Toboggan Corki skin spotlight. The very first thing to check is pilot’s helmet. It must be painted with a new white coat. Another point in your checklist for the Ice Toboggan skin is a floating toboggan that replaces default gunships of Corki.

Some LoL players believe that Riot could do better with this particular look of their favorite champ. However, such skin was recently added to Riot’s Legendary Vault. It means the majority of gamers consider the Ice Toboggan skin of Corki really great.

What is Corki’s story?

He is a legendary pilot, one of the best of its kind in League. Gamers adore his positive attitude and mischievous persona. And his glamorous mustache is simply gorgeous. This LoL protagonist with the mentioned Ice Toboggan skin is a pilot who loves to fly. He is also a leader of Screaming Yipsnakes. Together they patrol skies around their homes to prevent any enemy invasion.

He has a very calm and steady personality. Ice Toboggan Corki remains cool even under fire. Gamers love this champ for his mad but kind heart. Being more than just a regular LoL pilot, such fellow is capable of upgrading his faithful gunship to many flying machines of death.

Key features of League of Legends Corki

Being more known as The Daring Bombardier, Corki is always chosen by those LoL gamers who prefer to play on a middle lane. The LoL champ with default look will cost you 3150 RP ($24,23). However, it’s better to buy it for sale — usually Riot discounts a default Corki by almost 70%. In such case you may buy this hero only for 790 RP ($6,08).

The hero is a typical marksman whose power is supplied by mana. Most gamers in LoL choose Corki to play middle (about 57% of all gamers) or ADC (about 17%). Like all League champions, such brave bombardier has technical in-game characteristics and statistics.

Technical characteristics of Corki League of Legends (for the first level only):

  • Health — 518 points;
  • Regeneration of health — at 5,5 rate;
  • Initial mana supply — 350.2;
  • Mana regeneration — 7.4;
  • Armor — 28;
  • Magic defense — 30;
  • Damage — 60;
  • Attack’s range — 550;
  • Attack’s speed — 0.625;
  • Movement speed — 325;

Statistics (both for a middle/ADC class):

  • Win rate — 47.71%;
  • Popularity is rather low — 0.51%;
  • Frequency of bans — 0.02%;
  • Gold per a single match — 12901.28;
  • Kills — 7.57;
  • Deaths — 5.92
  • Place in the global rating — 21 out of 42;

Expert tips for playing LoL Corki

picture of ice toboggan corki from lol game

At first focus on your allies in the jungle

In very beginning of a match the bombardier must cover his allying jungler instead of running straight to his middle lane. If you managed to avoid bad consequences then boldly go to your line and do some farming with your Ice Toboggan Corki. But don’t get occupied in the jungle for a long time. Be quick and effective.

The most preferable behavior is defense

Corki is very good in defense. On rare occasions, when supports play aggressively in your team you may use bombardier’s skills for attacks. However, most LoL experts recommend to farm as much as you can, because artifacts for Corki aren’t cheap.

Use his unique skill Phosphorus Bomb

It’s perfect for a full destruction of enemy minions. However, don’t spam the skill in LoL unless you have an opportunity to kill a few minions at once.

More skills will appear on the 6th level

At the time, your brave pilot will already have a bunch of passive and active abilities. As a rule, you may use your ultimate skill at this tier. But surely your opponents won’t mind using their ultimate skills too. That’s why you need to stop being passive and turn on all your aggressive power to push the line constantly.

Strong and weak points

Before you buy Corki with an Ice Toboggan skin, keep in mind that he has its strong and weak points you have to consider. Make sure to gather a team full of heavy supports capable of protecting the pilot while he is farming on his lane. And explore pluses and minuses of playing Ice Toboggan Corki in LoL.


  • High damage for a single target;
  • Skills are great at massive damage;
  • Rare ability to decrease armor of many enemies at the same time;
  • The champ is ideal for an easy farm of minions;
  • He is a very strong champ in the beginning and middle of every game due to his various skills;
  • He is capable of chasing or running away from enemies, depending on your gameplay style;


  • All his strong points and skills are very dependable on mana;
  • Low attack’s range;
  • Low basic speed of movement;

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