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All Star Akali Skin Accounts

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LOL Champ Akali

If you dream of playing with LOL Akali skin, it means you enjoy playing professional. League of Legends is the game that allows you improving your skills and upgrading yourself to an upper level all the time.

The game is played by two teams of champs. At certain level begins the real fun when it is more enjoyable to play professionals like Akali. The teams compete trying to deal more damage to each other. The idea is to protect your race and capture the territory and possessions of the opponent.

League of Legends has many interesting characters. Akali, however, stands out from other champs due to her charismatic look and skills she has got. Many players like this character and would love playing it. knows what you are looking for and has best offers for you. Buy Akali skin for yourself or your friend on our site and benefit from playing it. Discounts
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LoL EUW Account 1MGXR7G6YO6H9
  • - Rare Skin - All Star Akali
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 66 Champions
  • - 13 Skins
  • - 6570 BE
  • - 339 RP
  • - Rare Skin - All Star Akali
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 57 Champions
  • - 3 Skins
  • - 26308 BE
  • - 45 RP
  • - Rare Skin - All Star Akali
  • - Brazil Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 60 Champions
  • - 13 Skins
  • - 4790 BE
  • - 80 RP

Story of League of Legends Akali

league photo all star akali

Akali was born in the land of Ionia, the place where wild magic dwells. She was a daughter of Mayym and Tahno from the race of the Kinkou. She was taught shuriken techniques, practicing her speed and agility.

Akali always loved learning and she absorbed all information she received. She was destined to become the leader of her generation of her people, help them obtain peace and balance.

When she was still very young, her people were attacked by merciless villain and her family had to hide in the mountains. When Akali turned 14 she began training seriously. She mastered handheld sickle and throwing dagger perfectly. She was not gifted with any magic power like many of her people but she did her best to prove she was a worth representative of her race. She took the obligation to protect her homeland.

Akali’s abilities

Remember that Akali's skills use not mana, but special resource energy. Energy, unlike mana, is restored much faster, but its amount is limited.

  • Five Point Strike is one of Akali’s main skills that helps the champion deal a lot of damage to a group of opponents and slow them down. This feature is very important, as long as it allows increasing champion’s survivability significantly.
  • Assassin's Mark is a passive that allows Akali deal additional magic damage and restore energy, but do not forget that these bonuses are activated after Akali inflicts damage to opponent using her abilities.
  • Twilight Shroud is very unusual and useful skill in the champion's arsenal, which allows Akali performing a large number of combinations. The good thing of Akali’s twilight shroud is that it follows its own rules and is actually an improved version of camouflage. While in the smoke, Akali can not be targeted for attack.

A very important feature of the smokescreen is that opponent’s turrets will not attack you. This ability can be used to ensure that even at an early stage of the game you can approach enemy’s turrets and finish off your enemies there. Most champions can not boast of such ability, because turrets have very serious attack. In team battles, smoke is almost a key ability, since the skill significantly increases champion’s survivability.

  • Shuriken Flip is the ability that allows increasing champion’s mobility. Using first jump you can, for example, jump backwards or even slightly jump to the goal.
  • Perfect Execution of Akali may seem simple at first glance, but it has nuances. First of all, first and second strokes deal different types of damage. The first strike deals physical damage, and the second one deals magic damage. Secondly, each impact has different effects. The first impact stuns opponents for a short period of time. The second impact can cause increased damage to enemies with an incomplete health reserve.


  • Health: 550-1995
  • Health regeneration: 3.5-12
  • Armor: 23-82.5
  • Energy: 200
  • Attack damage: 62.4-118.5
  • Attack speed: 0.625 (+0-54.4%)
  • Movement speed: 345
  • Magic resist: 32.1-53.4

Why do you need All Star Akali skin

This skin represents the champion in FIFA World Cup 2010. It was created to celebrate the great event. It was possible to obtain this skin ingame during the championship, but it is no longer available.

All-star Akali skin shows her in red sport uniform with the logo of Riot on it. The skin combines the previous features and some new ones this is why it is so cool.

Character’s pros:

  • She is a very interesting champion with unique play style;
  • Twilight Shroud ability does not only allows hiding from enemies, but also ignoring enemy turret attacks.
  • The champion is able to deal good damage to a single target.
  • Good mobility. She has abilities to overcome small obstacles and quickly reduce the distance to the goal.
  • Five Point Strike skill, when used properly, allows restoring a lot of health. In combination with Twilight Shroud skill, Akali has a good survival rate.
  • Akali is able to get a good advantage in the middle of the game due to the large number of murders.
  • She has got a high potential for snowball.
  • She has got the ability to use energy which restores quickly instead of mana.

Cost of Akali League of Legends

picture of all star akali from lol game

The skin is very rare since it can not be obtained in the gameplay and there aren’t that many offers online. A big part of those websites selling it can not be trusted because they have ways of fooling their customers. The worst part of buying from a fraud is not that you lose your money but that it will be difficult to trust somebody else again.

The cost of the skin differs depending on the seller and the set of features. Due to its rarity it definitely will not be the cheapest profile.

On our site you will find a lot of lucrative offers. You can choose a profile with certain set of equipment.

Numerous positive feedbacks from our customers prove that we always play fair. Besides, Google has put us in the top result of search and it means we are more than reliable.

If you buy Akali from us, you get:

  • Server located in your region
  • 30 level
  • Unranked ELO
  • Up to 200 champs
  • Up to 100 skins
  • Up to 250 RP

How to get All Star Akali

Purchasing Akali skin has never been easier! We made our ordering system as simple and quick as possible, so you could enjoy playing with your favorite skin soon.

Simply browse for the necessary account on our site, read the features it contains and place your order. We will send an email to the address you indicate which you will need to confirm. Choose the payment method and make the transaction.

We guarantee our customer full confidentiality of the info they indicate when placing their orders: name, birth date and email address.

We use 100 most popular payment methods for the convenience of our customers. All of them are secured which means you do not have to worry about the transaction. Payments are usually confirmed within a couple of hours. Once it is confirmed you become the lucky owner of a new leveled LOL account.

You are able to change information in your profile and password. You are to dispose of this account at your own free choice.

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We value the reputation we managed to obtain during years of work in the market. We constantly improve the services we provide.

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