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League of Legends Akali Champion

lol game photo akali champion account in launcher

Why to buy a legendary Akali?

Every day millions of experienced LoL players complete new tasks, fight and collect rare items like Akali. Many of us liked this kind of entertainment and enjoyed such hobby very much. Our store is aimed at working with beginners and experienced players, so here you can always buy quality products, unique heroes like Akali LoL and skins at best price.

Have you ever been interested in adventures, arcades or MMOs for a long time – or have you recently plunged into huge world of amazing gaming industry? We are sure that you have already met the difficulties in improving your account and characters in LoL. Every day players must complete a variety of tasks, improve their combat skills and fight with players to get Akali LoL and other champions. Discounts
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LoL low OCE Account 393HI8IGZG8UM
  • - Oceania Server
  • - 24 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 17 Champions
  • - 4 Skins
  • - 3778 BE
  • - 680 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
14 $ 13 $
-29% NOW!
  • - Latin South Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 91 Champions
  • - 19 Skins
  • - 31782 BE
  • - 5 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
51 $ 36 $
-18% NOW!
LoL RU Account 573YOCD7YL99L
  • - Russia Server
  • - 33 Level
  • - Silver V - 63 LP ELO
  • - 32 Champions
  • - 4 Skins
  • - 405 BE
  • - 57 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
28 $ 23 $
-20% NOW!
  • - Latin North Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 20 Champions
  • - 0 Skins
  • - 1418 BE
  • - 140 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
15 $ 12 $
LoL NA Account 39W10K9KVU5101W
  • - North America Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 37 Champions
  • - 5 Skins
  • - 415 BE
  • - 40 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
48 $
-11% NOW!
LoL EUW Account 7ZCC1H77N5P2R
  • - EU West Server
  • - 34 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 28 Champions
  • - 7 Skins
  • - 2920 BE
  • - 0 RP
  • - 2 Rune Pages
36 $ 32 $
-18% NOW!
  • - Russia Server
  • - 31 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 89 Champions
  • - 10 Skins
  • - 2699 BE
  • - 20 RP
  • - 3 Rune Pages
44 $ 36 $
-5% NOW!
LoL JP Account 0FEHEOQM0Q4D4
  • - Japan Server
  • - 44 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 140 Champions
  • - 134 Skins
  • - 78350 BE
  • - 92 RP
  • - 9 Rune Pages
165 $ 157 $
-9% NOW!
LoL EUW Account 873QP5DJHP0BA
  • - EU West Server
  • - 30 Level
  • - Unranked ELO
  • - 101 Champions
  • - 27 Skins
  • - 6119 BE
  • - 861 RP
  • - 17 Rune Pages
74 $ 67 $

Features and benefits of popular Akali champion

The reason why this hero appeared was the lack of strong physical champions in LoL game. In one of important major updates, many gamers immediately noticed this new product and purchased it in order to try a new style of play and get another role while battle. The main difference of the Akali League is not mana consumption, but energy indicator. It recovers faster and adds extra efficiency to your hero.

There is a significant advantage of LoL Akali – it’s ability to become invisible and hide not only from its rivals, but also from the blows of enemy towers. Agree, this feature can change the result of the whole battle. Navigate the map, hide from your opponent's champions and suddenly attack them to get the victory. Why not to buy League of Legends Akali right now?

The most interesting and unique skills of the champion

Akali LoL can be useful not only in single combat. Of course, you should pay special attention to his melee skills – Akali champion's unique daggers are capable to destroy entire groups of an opponent. Besides, it has special large-scale attacks for damage to several targets. The combination of such skills with high speed LoL Akali gives you a great advantage over your opponents.

Thanks to Akali League of Legends ability of Five Point Strike, this hero is able to maintain his health at a good level. This skill can often be useful in battle and helps you in the most difficult moments. Akali from Legue is a rather complicated character, but be sure that by mastering him, you will get tremendous power. Let's take a look at Akali main characteristics:

  • Health 550 (+85 per level)
  • Energy 200 (+0 per level)
  • Move speed 345
  • Attack Dmg 62.4 (+3.3 per level)
  • Attack Speed ​​0.625 (+3.2% per level)
  • Range 125
  • Armor 23 (+3.5 per level)
  • Magic Resist 32.1 (+1.25 per level)
akali champion images in league of legends battles

The benefits of buying Akali from League of Legends in online stores

Many computer games attract their fans thanks to exciting battles, colorful characters and good game design. But over time, each player understands that to achieve success among his rivals or friends, it is necessary to spend too much time on the game. To obtain rare things and champions as LoL Akali, it is necessary to perform a variety of tasks and events, as well as constantly improve your battle skills with stronger opponents.

You can buy Akali and many other popular LoL skins at our store. The large catalog contains not only legendary champions like Akali LoL, but also various skins, as well as full-fledged game accounts. Please note that each account was improved and was created only by experts and experienced gamers and never used special programs.

Best quality for a great price – buy your Akali champion right now

Always wanted to take your place in the ranking of the best players on the server? Have you been paying attention to your friend’s equipment, but still don’t have high-quality one in your arsenal? With the advent of our store, you can quickly become the owner of high-quality equipment and make a big competition to other players. If you are interested in LoL, buy your Akali champion right here.

The best equipment – a guarantee of your victory

Become the best player and gain more popularity now. Legendary champions: Amumu, Jax, Akali – and others can significantly improve your combat skill. Each of the Champions League of Legends has unique advantages, choose the most suitable for yourself. Buy Akali now and get the best results in exciting battles with your rivals! Several guys with managing skills who have found, gathered and united few dozens of people who loved playing computer games. Now, those "guys" represent strongest players in their disciplines including : League of Legends, Overwatch, HearthStone, CS:GO, World Of Warcraft, Dota 2 and so on. We decided to put our lives into boosting services helping people reaching next level, improve their gaming experience, save their time.
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