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PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print
  • - PP-Bizon / Bamboo Print Item
  • - The Rising Sun Collection Collection
  • - SMG / PP-Bizon Type
  • - Consumer Grade SMG Rarity
PP-Bizon | Rust Coat
  • - PP-Bizon / Rust Coat Item
  • - The Alpha Collection Collection
  • - SMG / PP-Bizon Type
  • - Mil-Spec SMG Rarity
PP-Bizon | Carbon Fiber
  • - PP-Bizon / Carbon Fiber Item
  • - The Vertigo Collection Collection
  • - SMG / PP-Bizon Type
  • - Industrial Grade SMG Rarity
P90 | Death by Kitty
  • - P90 / Death by Kitty Item
  • - The eSports 2013 Collection Collection
  • - SMG / P90 Type
  • - Covert SMG Rarity
  • - Available StatTrak Version
MAC-10 | Oceanic
  • - MAC-10 / Oceanic Item
  • - The Spectrum 2 Collection Collection
  • - SMG / MAC-10 Type
  • - Mil-Spec SMG Rarity
MAC-10 | Neon Rider
  • - MAC-10 / Neon Rider Item
  • - The Chroma 2 Collection Collection
  • - SMG / MAC-10 Type
  • - Covert SMG Rarity
  • - Available StatTrak Version
UMP-45 | Urban DDPAT
  • - UMP-45 / Urban DDPAT Item
  • - The Train Collection Collection
  • - SMG / UMP-45 Type
  • - Consumer Grade SMG Rarity
  • - Available Souvenir Version
PP-Bizon | Brass
  • - PP-Bizon / Brass Item
  • - The Dust2 Collection Collection
  • - SMG / PP-Bizon Type
  • - Mil-Spec SMG Rarity
  • - Available Souvenir Version
MP7 | Whiteout
  • - MP7 / Whiteout Item
  • - The Office Collection Collection
  • - SMG / MP7 Type
  • - Mil-Spec SMG Rarity

SMG in CS:GO and Benefits of This Weapon

Counter Strike is a game, which occupies people of different countries, with different traditions and values. It became a hobby, relief and detachment for people from the whole world.

How to Make a Good Start in CS:GO with Help of SMG

When you are a beginner, you need to know the main tactics and tips for more successful game. Experienced gamers recommend buying at the first level an armor, because at the start you have only 800$ and it’s not enough for buying the powerful weapons. You receive a free pistol for the first round, which is called a pistol round.

A match can consist of 30 rounds (it’s a maximum). During the match you can play either for Terrorists, or for Counter Terrorists. When a round is finished, there are winners and losers. If you win you get more money, than losers, but you still don’t have enough money for the full equipment.

The best option for you is to buy CS SMG. It costs 600$ and you have many benefits. If you buy this weapon at the second round, after killing each opponent with CS:GO SMG, you get more money, than with a usual gun. In addition, this way you raise the team economics.

It can happen that you lose the first round; in this case, you should buy armor again and play with a common pistol. You do it for the opportunity to save up money. When you have an appropriate sum of money, you should buy a rifle.

All similar tactics and tips will become clear for you when you complete some rounds. You can find any other opportunities how to play well. CS:GO SMG is really a good weapon for getting success in further rounds; also it’s good at shooting near the opponent and has many advantages, which you understand after starting playing with it.

Why Gamers Prefer to Get Skins and What They Give to You

When you played some time, you want a kind of upgrade, and you can get it with help of skins. It’s a modernization of your weapon, and an expensive skin can make you feel confident and more respectable among the gamers. Firstly, pay attention what kinds of skins other gamers have, and you will understand what skin will be suitable for you.

You have a great choice of skins at the online store. It’s not a mandatory attribute of a gamer, and you don’t need it at the first round. Play, watch other players, improve your skills, and only after that buy them. Skins are especial features which underline your personality. Prices of the skins are different, and each gamer can choose what exactly he wants.

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