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CS:GO custom skins

P250 | Asiimov
  • - P250 / Asiimov Item
  • - The Chroma 3 Collection Collection
  • - Pistol / P250 Type
  • - Classified Pistol Rarity
  • - Available StatTrak Version
FAMAS | Spitfire
  • - FAMAS / Spitfire Item
  • - The Alpha Collection Collection
  • - Rifle / FAMAS Type
  • - Restricted Rifle Rarity
Sawed-Off | Mosaico
  • - Sawed-Off / Mosaico Item
  • - The Alpha Collection Collection
  • - Shotgun / Sawed-off Type
  • - Industrial Grade Shotgun Rarity
PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print
  • - PP-Bizon / Bamboo Print Item
  • - The Rising Sun Collection Collection
  • - SMG / PP-Bizon Type
  • - Consumer Grade SMG Rarity
Flip Knife | Urban Masked
  • - Flip Knife / Urban Masked Item
  • - The Chroma Collection Collection
  • - Knife / Flip Knife Type
  • - Covert Knife Rarity
XM1014 | Seasons
  • - XM1014 / Seasons Item
  • - The Spectrum Collection Collection
  • - Shotgun / XM1014 Type
  • - Restricted Shotgun Rarity
  • - Available StatTrak Version
Karambit | Tiger Tooth
  • - Karambit / Tiger Tooth Item
  • - The Gamma Collection Collection
  • - Knife / Karambit Type
  • - Covert Knife Rarity
PP-Bizon | Rust Coat
  • - PP-Bizon / Rust Coat Item
  • - The Alpha Collection Collection
  • - SMG / PP-Bizon Type
  • - Mil-Spec SMG Rarity
Butterfly Knife | Vanilla
  • - Butterfly Knife / Vanilla Item
  • - The Breakout Collection Collection
  • - Knife / Butterfly Knife Type
  • - Covert Knife Rarity

CS:GO Skin Prices and Their Role in a Game

Counter Strike is a series of games in a genre of the first person shooter. There were 5 versions and now we are talking about checking skin price in CS:GO. This version was presented in 2012 and conquered gamers from the whole world.

The Goals and Tasks in CS:GO

Each gamer faces two main goals, which he will have during the whole game process:

  • To fulfill the task with an excellent quality and speed. To get more skills and experience during the task. A gamer should notice all details and be attentive all the time. It’s important, that you play in a team, and you need firstly to decide which role is suitable for each of you. If you play like a team, the victory is yours, but if you are separated, it won’t work.
  • The second task is destroying opponents. This task is the same almost for all games. You have an opponent and your goal is to prove that you are the best and a winner, or your opponent will kill you.
  • The most interesting about this game is a process and improving yourself as a player. After completing the round, everyone of your team gets money. If you lose you get less money, but if you win, you get quite a big amount of money and you can buy weapons at the online store.

    A Gaming Process and CS:GO Skin Value

    As it was said before, each gamer has a task and depending on a type of the gaming map, you can face with next goals:

  • Rescuing the hostages, or keeping them or completely destroying the opponents. You win if you take hostages to the safe place in time, but if some of them won’t be at the safe zone after the round is finished, the terrorists win.
  • You can be at the role of terrorists and your goal is to plant a bomb. One of the gamer, called bomber should carry a bomb. You can see him at the radar with orange color. To detonate a bomb, takes 3 seconds.
  • VIP Assassination. The task it to kill a VIP gamer or not to let him be rescued. This gamer can’t buy any skins, but he has 200% of Armor Points.
  • After completing these tasks, a team, who wins, gets money, and they can choose at the CS:GO skin market all necessary supplements to their weapons. If you are new, it’s difficult for you to choose an appropriate skin, but when you complete some of tasks you will get what exactly you need and choosing skins won’t be a problem for you. CS GO skins prices are different and depend on the condition.

    Types of Skins

    There are five types of custom skins for CS:GO at the market. And it’s up to you with which one you will feel comfortable.

  • Battle Scared. The weapons with this type of skin have the worst quality, but they are the cheapest.
  • Well-worn. The weapons with this type of skin are better, than previous one, but costs more expensive.
  • Field-Tested. The skin looks better, but not perfect.
  • Minimal Wear. It’s recommended to buy this type of skin, because they are not the most expensive, and have a good quality.
  • Factory new. The skin is perfect and they are the most expensive.
  • As you can see, there is a wide choice of skins. The expensive skin makes you feel confident, but doesn’t influence on the game. But the expensive skin will make you special and everyone will respect you.

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