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How many tanks are in World of Tanks

How Many Tanks Are In World Of Tanks

How Many Tanks Are In World of Tanks? World of Tanks, a game, which made millions people’s hearts beat. A game charms with its dynamic, brightness. The process of playing is easy, but as the same time interesting. A gamer becomes a participant of one team, which consists of 15 people (the gamers... Read more →

How to play League of Legends?

How To Play League Of Legends?

How Do You Play LoL: The Guide for Beginners League of Legends that is more known as LoL is a breathtaking combination of RPG and RTS elements with awe-inspiring battles. Just like Dota 2, LoL can be identified as MOBA with a simple, addictive, and dynamic gameplay in a colorful and vast univers... Read more →
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