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Classic Kayle Overview 2019

OLD CHAMPION HUGE UPDATES Recently, the game developers (RIOT Games) has pleased us with the news about the update Kayle champion. 3 days ago, in patch 9.24, all league players were able to familiarize themselves with the new biography of the Morgana and Kayle. “Kayle would eventually become an ard...
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How much does a platinum league of legends account cost

How Much Does A Platinum League Of Legends Account Cost

How much does a Platinum League of Legends account cost Most of the experienced players own unranked accounts and tend to register in order to buy their second accounts in online stores. What is the reason for that? There are actually multiple reasons, including possibility to play with mates havin...
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STG Guard: World of Tanks

STG Guard: World Of Tanks

STG Guard: World of Tanks WoT STG guard: a special tank for a special occasion Its release is dedicated to Tanker’s day in Russia, together with STG. They fall to the category of Tier VIII medium tanks. The difference between STG and STG Guard is that the latter is custom camouflaged wh...
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WoT British Tank Destroyers: update

WoT British Tank Destroyers: Update

WoT British Tank Destroyers: update Update British Tank Destroyers in World of Tanks: what is new As their name suggests, tank destroyers or TD for short are specially designed to damage heavy armoured vehicles. In WoT maps, they are spotted with red or green inverted triangles above them...
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World of Tanks: new Customization Mechanics

World Of Tanks: New Customization Mechanics

World of Tanks: New Customization Mechanics New Customized mechanics: bingo of style and concealment Customization is a great chance to stay unique in the game but when you try to be original on the battlefield you don’t have to be bright. What is more, it is desirable to remain unnotice...
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How to raise elo in LoL

How To Raise Elo In LoL

How to raise Elo in LoL? Millions of LoL players all over the world dream about climbing the rating ladder in this interesting but hardcore game. 90% of your success as a LoL gamer depends on your Elo/MMR ratings. This is a very complicated score system taken from chess that estimates your win/lo...
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